Tom Bass Baseball Camp 2024

One week only: June 17th – June 25th

9:00am – 11:30am

Age Groups: 6-7 y/o, 8-9 y/o, 10-12 y/o

@ Murphey Candler Park
Cost: $150

About Tom Bass Baseball Camp

A typical day at Tom Bass Baseball Camp begins with a short group instructional period, then each group will work on all aspects of the game including hitting, pitching, base running, infield, and outfield defense. There is a homerun derby on Wednesday and a double-header day on Thursday.  That’s when teams play throughout the day and finish up with a “last man standing” fielding competition. We’ll end the session with a fun competition and prizes are awarded. 

Dismissal is at 11:30. 

***  Don’t miss the awards ceremony on Thursday @end of camp!

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