Urgent Message Regarding Computer Scam

Please read the following about FAKE Virus Warnings –  Do not fall for this SCAM!

This message was sent to me because I am a customer of Dunwoody Personal Computers, LLC.  I wanted to share with you in case it could help even one person! ~Audra

The following picture is not a virus that snuck by your antivirus program.  You’ve clicked on a hyperlink and all of a sudden this pops up and your screen is frozen.  I admit, it’s scary.  But, it’s also very, very fake.

scam computer

Do not call the number.  Do not let strange people on your computer.  Do not give them your credit card information, social security numbers or favorite lottery picks.  (If you did give them your credit card info, swallow your pride and call your credit card company and get your money back),

If you have Windows, do this. Control-Alt-Delete to enter the Task Manager, click on Users, click on your User Name, and click Log Off or Disconnect. Or if you can’t figure that out, hold down the power button for 5 seconds. In either case, when you boot back up, the message will be gone. 

If you have a Mac, do this.  Force Close Safari using the menu choice under the Apple menu.  Reopen Safari while holding down your Shift key.

This is a SCAM.  Please don’t argue and tell me it’s legitimate.  Don’t give away your money to bad guys.  Don’t let them on your computer.  They can read your data.  They can lock your computer very bad ways.  It usually doesn’t end well.  

This Public Service Announcement has been sponsored by the good guys at Dunwoody PC.  
Read more about us here:  Computer Wizard to the Rescue! 

Adam Freedman
Dunwoody Personal Computers, LLC