Why a Gold out?

chip and veraThe Dunwoody Wildcats and Chamblee Bulldogs, a long lasting rivalry… have decided to come together to fight for a cure for pediatric cancer. September is pediatric cancer awareness month, and both schools have decided to “Go Gold!” to raise awareness and unity. Gold being the pediatric cancer color. Both Dunwoody and Chamblee have sold t-shirts all week to raise money.   In doing so, both schools have decided to donate the money raised to Chip’s Nation Pediatric Cancer Foundation. A charity created by Chip Madren, 19 year old brain cancer survivor, to help other kids through their fight against cancer. Chip, his mother Lea and younger brother Jack will be at the game to accept the check from the Dunwoody and Chamblee SGA presidents Patrick Clinch and Kerstin Thule, as well as family friend, Jenna Hogan. We would like to thank everyone that helped make this possible, and to everyone that participated and contributed to this amazing cause. For more information about Chip and his incredible journey, or to donate to the foundation, visit www.chipsnation.org.

About Chip

In August 2010, Chip was regular 13 year old 7th grader who loved baseball, hunting and fishing. After what we thought was a mild concussion, he was diagnosed with Stage IV anaplastic metastatic medulloblastoma (brain cancer). He was immediately admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where he spent about 180 days of the next year. He received 48 radiation treatments, 10 surgeries, 2 shunts and a g/j tube, 18 months of chemotherapy, and countless other pokes, prods and procedures. He was mute and could not swallow for over 10 months. Over the next 4 years Chip has endured hundreds of PT/OT/ST sessions, swallow therapy, injections, MRI’s and CT scans, follow-ups with a dozen specialists……..the list goes on. Chip has made great progress, but there is still a lot to do.Currently Chip is 19 years old and lives at home with his two teenage brothers, his parents and his service dog, Vera. Chip is visually impaired, hearing impaired and spends his time in a wheelchair. He works hard every day to accomplish the simplest of tasks that most people do without thinking. He enjoys hanging with his brothers, working in his garden, cooking on his green egg and planning his next hunting or fishing excursion. His attitude is amazing and inspiring.

About Chips Nation

Chip’s Nation is a large and growing community of friend’s family and acquaintances who have known or know of an exceptional young man, Chip Madren. Their lives have been affected through knowing him, his humor, his personality, his love of life and his friendship. Their lives will now be forever affected by his battle with Cancer. They have chosen to engage the enemy and join the fight against cancer directly and in person by mobilizing a nation to support Chip and others battling childhood cancer.

Chip’s Nation is growing. It is close to the heart of the engine that drives Chip’s family forward, providing support, mentally, emotionally and financially. Chip’s Nation is a Nation at war. As the nation Grows it will continue to drive Chip, his family and other warriors and their families forward in their battles with Childhood cancer.

The Goal of the Nation is to raise money and awareness to fuel all of the” Micro nations” that get behind children and their families as they battle through the trials of Pediatric Cancer. Chip Madren has had a miraculous journey and recovery of life against some very long odds. This has been achieved through a variety of groups that have supported him medically spiritually and socially.

It is our hope that through our story we can continue to feed the groups that supported Chip and have more positive outcomes like his.

Dunwoody and Chamblee have decided to do a Gold Out and sell t-shirts to raise money to give to this wonderful foundation. Two schools coming together, kids helping kids, to fight for a cure for pediatric cancer.

Link to Chip’s Videos: