Dunwoody Baptist Church – Construction Update!

Note from Audra: 

Dunwoody Baptist Church was purposely built on a busy corner and they have been working hard for over a year to “plant a tree for future generations to sit in the shade”. Many Dunwoodians attend church at DBC but even more play ball there, take music lessons there, attend preschool there etc. But EVEN MORE ride by DBC every day and have probably been wondering what’s going on with the construction! I was thrilled to be taken on a personal tour by Allen and Judi Jackson on Friday. The campus used to be a confusing collection of separate buildings. Most are now constructed together as one bigger, better safer, less confusing and certainly more beautiful/functional space. The new sanctuary opened for members yesterday. They will maintain the CDC’s social distancing protocols but have tons of seating in the new sanctuary and plenty of overflow throughout the building with giant video screens. The cross/bell tower was moved closer to Ashford-Dunwoody and is now “back-lit” with the ability to change colors! Thanks for the tour…can’t wait to attend a service soon. I hope you enjoy the photo collection from my tour!

Press Release from Dunwoody Baptist Church

Throughout the past year, you’ve probably curiously observed the cranes, dumpsters, and bulldozers on the Dunwoody Baptist Church campus at the corner of Ashford Dunwoody and Mount Vernon Road. We have – slowly but surely – been making progress on our long-anticipated building project, and we are thrilled to announce that DBC is officially opened its renovated facilities on March 21, 2021.

As we prepare ourselves for this new chapter as a church, we can’t help but think through the timing of it all… As a community, we are slowly beginning to emerge from a season of unprecedented isolation and loneliness; for many of us, our relationships, mental health, emotional wellbeing, hope, joy, and peace have suffered this past year. As a church, we have watched our neighborhood struggle, and in turn, we feel the weight of the why behind this building project even more today than we did when we first broke ground a year ago. Simply put, we have updated our spaces to better facilitate the things we know that you care about most – especially in light of the difficulties of the past year.

So here is what we have renovated, and why we have chosen to do so… We chose to update the auditorium space to make it more modern, fresh, and comfortable to help all of our attendees feel warmly welcomed, safe, and encouraged as they experience God during Sunday services. A spacious lobby has been built to help friendships flourish, as we invite our attendees to grab a cup of coffee, gather and connect in this space. An easy-to-navigate hallway (that we have affectionately begun calling “Mainstreet”) cuts through the center of campus, unifying our various buildings and spaces, and in turn, all of the members of our community as well. The children’s ministry spaces have been updated with top-of-the-line security to create the safest possible environments for your precious children. The exterior design of the facilities has been modernized and revitalized to more closely align with what’s inside of our walls – vibrant and hopeful people.   

We have built a space where your relationships can flourish, your souls can feel refreshed, and your families can grow. We welcome you to join us at 11 am on Sundays in our new space. In addition to our capacity-managed main auditorium, we do provide overflow seating. As we emerge from this difficult pandemic season, please come join us. You might just be surprised by the relationships, health, hope, joy and peace you find at DBC.

Below is Audra’s photo gallery from her tour on Friday, March 19, 2021