Lunch & Learn with Aha’s Style Editor ~ We are finally going to tell you who she really is!

by Audra H. Anders and Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

I rode by Oaxaca in Chamblee and knew it would be the next lunch and learn location.  It is beautiful, has indoor/outdoor seating, is so close to Dunwoody and my favorite food is Mexican food!  Oaxaca is located at 5255 Peachtree Blvd,
Suite 105 on the bottom floor of one of the new Chamblee apartment complexes. … Read More »

Meet Carrie Tucker: Interior Designer with a Unique Process for YOU!

by Audra  H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’m a mom of boys…well now they are men but they are still messy boys at heart.  For our TV time together, we’ve always watched sports or Turtle-Man back in the day.  When they were young, my sons and hubby ganged up on me when it was time to get new furniture for the den and convinced me to purchase a reclining sofa, a reclining love seat and a single recliner.  … Read More »

The Mental Health Connection: Helping teens and young adults build successful launching skills.

by By Neitcha Thomsen MSW, LCSW, CCATP of Atlanta Specialized Care for The Aha! Connection

Parents work to support the successful transition of their children throughout the milestones of their lives. They are there to encourage the baby to walk, the child to tie their shoes, feed themselves, ride a bike, and other things that are steps into the bigger world.… Read More »

Audra’s Review of book and movie: The Idea of You

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I pretty much always say “The book is better than the movie”. Now I have an exception. I saw a trailer for the new Prime Movie starring Anne Hathaway but it hadn’t dropped yet so I decided to read the book. I was intrigued with the idea of the story but was disappointed with the ending, thought there was an overabundance of detailed steaminess, and just couldn’t wrap my brain around the age difference of the main characters with the pre-teen daughter’s storyline.… Read More »

Peggy’s Beverage Taste Test at the CIC – Learn how you can earn money to taste beverages!

by Audra H. Anders and Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

This week I took my fourth trip to The Consumer Innovation Center.  As you’ll know from my prior articles, the CIC pays you for your opinions!  Basically you sign up, wait for an opportunity via email and once it pops in your inbox you indicate your interest/availability and then wait to see if you are a match!  … Read More »

The Mental Health Connection: Boundaries as a tool for healing and growth.

by By Neitcha Thomsen MSW, LCSW, CCATP of Atlanta Specialized Care for The Aha! Connection

In my work as a therapist, empowering and supporting families affected by mental illness through their journey of recovery has been one of my top goals. I have found that healthy boundaries can be one of the most supportive and challenging steps to implement as parents.… Read More »

2 Book Giveaway – Colleen Hoover Series: It Ends With Us & It Starts With Us

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

As I sit down to type out this review I realize I’m scared I’ll spoil the story somehow so I’m going to be very vague.  Just know that I sat down to read It Ends with Us  and had a lot of trouble putting it down even though I was away with friends for the weekend!  … Read More »

Lunch & Learn with Billy Grogan and Mike Carlson, Dunwoody Police Chiefs

by Audra H. Anders and Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

Last week we treated the incoming and outgoing Dunwoody Police Chiefs to lunch at Joey D’s Oak Room.  The hostess informed us that Chief Grogan is a regular and she was thrilled to see him and to hug his neck!  The restaurant was packed at 11:30 on a rainy Tuesday. … Read More »

Home for Lease in Brookhaven – Perfect for Roommates or a Family

New Master Bath | Updated Kitchen | Dreamy Tree Top Deck

1277 Chaucer Lane | Brookhaven, GA 30319

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | ~ 2K SF | $3500/mo

Montgomery Elementary | Chamblee Middle & High | Near Marist

  • Agents protected.
  • Adorable 4 bedroom home in amazing Brookhaven location.
  • 2 private decks and screened in porch overlooking wooded back yard with creek.
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Audra Anders
404 660 2854

What Can Sophomore Parents Do to De-Stress the College Process?

by Brian Eufinger of Edison Prep for The Aha! Connection

As a parent, you’ve likely seen a variety of advice regarding the optimal steps to take for college admissions planning from older parents. It runs the gamut: some friends probably recommend starting too early, which can stress students out; others recommend a timeline that’s too late in the process to turn the Academic Titanic, so to speak.… Read More »

The Mental Health Connection: Why Taking a Walk in the Woods Might be the Best Thing for Your Mind

by Bre Curtain, MS, NCC, APC  of Atlanta Specialized Care for The Aha! Connection

As a therapist deeply invested in the holistic approach to mental health, I’ve observed a fascinating phenomenon: the profound impact of nature on our psychological state. Being fully immersed in nature can have a significant impact on our nervous system, heart rate, cognitive pace, and the quality of our thoughts.… Read More »


Dunwoody Preservation Trust is delighted to present Dunwoody Authors & Friends Bookstore from 10am – 6pm on April 20th and 12 noon to 6pm on April 21st at this year’s Lemonade Days Festival. Visitors can chat with and purchase signed books from over twenty local authors including Jenifer Golding – Anonymous Mom Posts, Andrea Lane – Abby the Crabby Tabby Discovers Gratitude, Kathy Manos Penn – The Dickens and Christie Mystery Series, Steven Andrews – That’s Me in the Closet, Sunsheray T.… Read More »

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Jan Slimming
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The Mental Health Connection: Breaking Free from Shame

by Meredith Metscher, MPH of Atlanta Specialized Care for The Aha! Connection

Shame is a universal part of the human experience and yet, it lies in the shadows, often undiscussed. It is important to make the distinction between shame and remorse. Remorse can be a healthy part of someone’s emotional experience. It can help you reevaluate your thought patterns and behaviors when they cause problems and hurt others or yourself.… Read More »

Book Reviews….my last 3 most recently read books!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I think by now everyone knows I love to read.  Seems like my reading is more sporadic the last few years but I’ve been reading a lot more consistently in 2024 and wanted to share thoughts on the last three books I’ve read…including one that made me mad and I can’t stop thinking about it.… Read More »

We have 50 Admit 2 Passes to see We are the Lucky Ones!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I LOVED this book!   So I was super excited when asked if I wanted 50 admit 2 passes for the Hulu premiere at Sandy Springs Cinema and Taphouse.    Act quickly if you would like to go because I’m guessing these will go fast!


Advanced Screening

Thursday, March 21 at 7PM, Line forms at 6PM

Click the following link to claim your passes: More »