An Aha! Style Moment: Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2017!

Hello Spring Breakers~

I wanted to touch base before spring and spring break officially kicked off!  What good is a beach vacay without cute toes?  I am so excited to announce the “Official Nail Color of Spring Break.” Actually, I have decided it is the official color of The Aha! Connection.  Drum roll please…….B’AHA Moment by Essie.  Not only does it lend it’s name to The Aha! Connection, but it is the perfect color for all AHA Girls.  It is a pomegranate  pink that is not too light, not too bright, but JUST RIGHT!  I wore B’AHA Moment last week in the Bahamas and it did not disappoint.  While it is a true pink, it blends well with all colors, including red, which is perfect because on vacation, you may want to throw in a “red look” for one night, but don’t want to ruin your beach vibe.  B’AHA Moment steps up the the plate big time in this situation, with a home run. (Pardon the baseball analogy, but ’tis the season and we are weeks away from the new Braves stadium, so I couldn’t help myself.)

An honorable mention goes out to Piece of Cake, by Butter London.  This is an updated take on Bubble Bath, Ballet Slippers, and Mademoiselle. A light pink, with a sassy side.  It shows up and holds up really well, making it a definite “go to” for spring!

Ready, Set, Go Get Your Nails Done!



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  1. I’m an AHA subscriber and nail polish is my favorite “pick me up”. I’d love to try B’aha.

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