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I love to read and quiz my friends on top book choices often.   My friend and fellow book lover,  Laura Hogan ,suggested that I start a regular post asking for suggestions for good books to read!   I added a few to this Amazon widget (not sure I like it but am going to try it for a while)!

Please add comments using the comments feature that is part of this article on my website to give me your suggestions and I can add them to the Amazon widget ASAP! click the “read more” link below to see all the suggestions!

15 thoughts on “Books Recommended by Aha! Subscribers

  1. Two new children’s books, written by local authors, The Adventures of Pokadot and Bleu. The Springtime Tales and The Summer Tales are available now, and soon the Autumn and Winter Tales will also be out.

    Pokadot and Bleu are two adorable bunnies who live outside of Beartown Forrest on Autumn Knoll. Each book has 5 short stories about their daily adventures around the knoll with their forest friends and grandbunnies. Fun stories with wholesome messages for kids 2 – 6 yo.

    See more on Available locally at Cutie Pies Boutique, The Dunwoody Bakery, and Picayune Toy Store as well as on iTunes and

  2. I am not a reader….but I loved Gone Girl!!! Especially once you hit the half way mark, or Part 2!! Just started a book called One Day….slow start…so I need encouraging words from people who have read it to keep interested in it!!! I may switch over to the Gone Girl authors first 2 books!! If they are any where close to Gone Girl they will keep me reading!! Thanks Audra!! I needed these recommendations….I’ve got to get back into reading more!!! Of course I read the 50 Shades trilogy…that was the reading boost I needed!

  3. The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
    Ahab’s Wife by Sena Naslund

    These are both so good I re-read them every few years!

  4. Hello Audra! My wife forwarded me an e-blast from you about book recommendations from local authors – timing is everything, I just published my first book this Saturday!

    Check it out if you have time and let me know what you think! You can borrow it for free from if you are a “prime” member, download the Kindle version, or I can mail you a complimentary paperback, let me know!

    Quiet the Noise: A Trail Runners Path To Hearing God
    God Bless You and Yours!

    Rami F. Odeh, MS, HFS
    President, FormWell Personal Fitness Training
    (770) 804-1898 x10 (club)
    (770) 773-6970 (cell)
    (770) 804-0330 (fax)

  5. Hi Audra:
    My name is Brian DiNapoli, I am a 1986 graduate of Dunwoody High School, I currently live in Decatur with my wife Heather. I have written a book about overcoming bullying and drinking. The Dekalb Neighbor recently did a story on my book,
    I recommend my book for 7th to 12th graders and parents. It is available as an e-book on for $2.99,

    Also, my website is
    Thank you,
    Brian DiNapoli

  6. The Seed by Jon Gordon
    Act actually all of his books are excellent

    Outliers & The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

    Let it Go by Bishop TD Jakes

    Make Every day a Friday Joel Osteen

  7. I wrote & self published ‘Perennials… What you need to know. Tips and Advice to Grow Tried and True Perennials’ in 2011. It is a pretty reference book for both the experienced as well as beginning gardener who are interested in perennial gardening – just the right amount of information to grow perennials from my lifelong gardening experience.

    I have been a Dunwoody resident for 26 years. My sister in Vermont did all the pen & ink/watercolor illustratons. I have listed the appropriate zones, so the book is a great gift for friends and family in most of the Uninted Sates.

    It is available on both Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

    Althea Griffin
    Co-owner of Garden Gals

  8. I recommend “The Company” by Chuck Graham. This is a novel that uses an allegory to explain The Holy Trinity. A great read for mature Christians or for those who are seeking to understand Christianity.

  9. I recommend “Blood for Oil” by me (Michael Kelley). This is my first novel and is a fast paced, action adventure novel. It takes place in and around Atlanta as well as Mexico. The main character finds himself in a race against time to save his friend and stop a mad man from trying to control the world’s oil supply. It is available as an e book on and Excellent reading!

  10. Hello,

    I was hoping that you could add the book that I authored to the Amazon link. The title is “Blood for Oil”. It is my first novel and I have recieved many positive comments from readers. I’m sure that if it was included on your link then many more folks could enjoy it.

    Thank you

    Michael Kelley

  11. My name is Michael Kelley and I have published my first novel. The title is “Blood for Oil” and is available on and The book is a face paced action/adventure fun read that is set in and around Atlanta. A quick description is below.

    In this first novel by Michael Kelley, follow the heart racing adventure of a race against time and greed! Sean O’Reilly, ex military special ops, finds his world being turned upside down as he finds himself caught up in one man’s quest to control the world’s oil supply.

    His personal life is a mess and his business partner is missing. What else could go wrong? It doesn’t take O’Reilly long to figure out that his new client is responsible. With the help of a few old friends and a few new ones, he’ll have to dig deep into his bag of tricks to save his friend. Trust doesn’t come easy to him but he’ll need to learn how if he’s going to save his friend and put his life together. It’s a race against time…….. and time is running out!

    Below are links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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