Ask Aha!?! (What are your rules about limiting screen time?)

It’s time again to ask the Aha! Subscribers for advice!  Emily (an Aha! subscriber) asked me a question last week and I thought it was definitely worthy of getting input from other Aha! parents.  If you have thoughts or ideas on this topic please submit a comment to this post!   I’ll keep this question open for as long as we have good ideas rolling in!

Here’s the specific question Emily asked:

“Have you ever asked parents about what rules they have for their kids’ iPhones and iPads?

I have an 11 year old girl who wants to be on her device all the time so I’m trying to figure out some ground rules.  Limit the time?  off at 8pm? Only after homework then whenever you want? “

Help us help Emily….and therefore all the Aha! parents will gain some good parenting advice!

7 thoughts on “Ask Aha!?! (What are your rules about limiting screen time?)

  1. It is an ongoing problem at my house, too. 24/7 if my 13 yr old had her way. Wondering should I take away her phone after 6 or turn off internet period?

  2. I do not let my kids have ” their own” electronics. They are family items that need to be shared. That way I can decide when they can have use if them and when they can’t. Otherwise, they would never do their homework or go outside to play.
    The key thing is that I have possession/control of those items and they check them out as if it is a library.

  3. For every minute my kids are active (outside running around, sports, swimming, etc.) they earn a minute of “screen time.” They get to pick what that is – TV, video game, computer……

  4. Since August of 2013, the only electronics we allow during the school/work week are computers to do homework. The weekends are reserved for TV watching, video games, ipads, etc. We have found cutting out screen time Monday-Friday has increased our son’s attention span and it has created more time to play outside, read a book, help out around the house, or just allowed for more conversations.

  5. I made four 30 minute “coupons” for my 7 year old daughter. She has to give me one for every 30 mins. she wants to have screen time and I set a timer.

  6. I created a chore chart for my son, where he earns techno time. The techno coupons range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and a bonus coupon. However, there is a freebie for family movie night, in which he does not have to give up his tickets. Often my son can’t cash in on school nights, so he has extra time on the weekends!

  7. Hi ladies! Thanks for all you do.
    So… My 9 year old boy get electronics (TV, IPad, whatever) for 2 hours two time a week. Seems harsh? It’s awfully addictive and unless it’s related to learning I don’t see the benefits. He’s kept busy with outdoor activities and puzzles and reading.

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