Audra’s Fitness Blog: What are these?

These gloves (my gloves) were drying out on my kitchen table.   Boxing gloves are a foreign object in our home.  Therefore, I heard these same two questions three times. (Once from each of the males living in my house as they entered the kitchen separately.)

  • Q1) What are these?  A1) Boxing gloves.
  • Q2) Whose are they?  A2)  Mine.

Each of them responded with a big grin and/or laugh and said things like:

  • What?
  • You’ve lost your mind Mom.
  • Oh my.
  • I want to see you box.
  • Does Mrs. Dubsky have gloves too? (Yes. She does.)
  • What is the world coming to?

I just grinned back at them and put my sweaty hand wrap in the laundry.  If they keep bugging me I’m going to give them a big one-two punch.  Just kidding.   Seriously, boxing is a surprisingly tough workout.  But I can never get through it without laughing.   Denise (the awesome boxing instructor for Mrs. Dubksy and me) thinks I’m weird because I laugh so much when we are boxing.  But hey, I’m a lover not a fighter, so boxing is funny to me.  I hope I never need to take it seriously and really punch someone.     Cue the theme from Rocky…...



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