Audra’s Fitness Blog – Entry #2

My fitness heroes!
My fitness heroes!

It has been two weeks since my first entry and believe it or not I still like Jose!  I’m sore every day but it “hurts so good” and the few pounds I’ve lost are so worth the pain!

I’m also feeling smarter because I’ve increased my vocabulary during this process.  Here are a few of the words I’ve learned:

bosu jose
Jose introducing us to the BOSU balance ball

Interestingly enough, I bought one of each for my house and Beth did too!  My favorite is the BOSU ball that so far we use for improving balance while doing lunges.  Jose gets a huge kick out of throwing a big rubber dice at Beth and me while we are doing lunges on the BOSU.  The goal is to catch the dice and keep our balance.  It is getting easier, but the first time we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t concentrate.

The three biggest lessons I’ve learned from this experience thus far are:

  1. Beth was the perfect choice for my workout partner.  She makes it fun but she also keeps me motivated and accountable.  Plus I’m getting to know her better and am so glad to have her as a friend!
  2. Eric (the owner of UFC Gym) doesn’t know me that well but was still able to ascertain enough about me to choose the PERFECT trainer to keep Beth and me interested and motivated along this journey.   Jose is a great listener and tailors daily workout routines geared towards exactly what Beth and I need.   Beth is in much better shape than me and has always worked out regularly but Jose finds ways to challenge her without killing me.
  3. Planks are hard and I don’t like them but Jose makes me do them anyway.


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