Before & After at Audra’s House with Alpha Clean Pressure Washing

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Having my home, deck, driveway, and walkways pressure/soft washed has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Chris and Daniel from Alpha Clean performed the work the day before I left town for a much needed 10 day “spring break”.  My hubby and I LOVED the new clean look but I didn’t have time to write any notes before I left town.  Once away at the beach, I honestly didn’t think about it once.  The day I returned to Dunwoody and pulled in my driveway, I was stunned at how white and clean my driveway was and remembered I needed to write about the experience and share the before and after photos!  My husband has been so funny because every time he looks out of our front windows, he loudly exclaims something about how white and clean our front walkway is!

The word “connection” is in my business name so it should not surprise readers to learn I have some sort of personal/people “connection” with pretty much any business I write about.  Alpha Clean Pressure Washing is no exception.  Shawn and Kim Fobas have a son between my boys ages so we have run in the same school and sports circles for years!  Plus, Kim and Danielle of PlanIt Itineraries have been BFFs since high school!  When Shawn contacted me a few weeks ago about his new business venture, I was thrilled to give them a try!

Although other than blowing leaves/pine-straw and debris I’ve never really worried about the cleanliness of my driveway or walkways.  However, it seems every other year I must hire a handyman to clean one or two sections of our home’s siding because of mildew and I’ve really been thinking that it is about time to replace or re-stain our back deck.  We spend an enormous amount of time in our back yard.  When Shawn and Chris (Shawn’s business partner) gave me a quote, I decided it was such a fair price that I would get everything cleaned ASAP!

While on vacation, I noticed one of my security cameras was “offline” and at first thought perhaps it was due to a soft wash accident.  When I asked Chris about it, he immediately sent someone over to check it out and we later learned the camera was simply unplugged.  I really appreciated his willingness to help me resolve the issue even though it turned out it wasn’t even his fault!

I love all my home’s siding being squeaky clean.  I totally appreciate a clean driveway and walkways now and will probably do a spring cleaning every year from now on!   Most of all, I appreciate seeing the true color of my deck again and realizing that it probably is time to replace or re-stain my deck but meanwhile my husband and I are enjoying the shabby chic deck look!

I will let the following before and after photos speak for themselves but wanted to mention that the house and deck were “soft washed” using a chemical that won’t take the paint off or do any damage.  Daniel and Chris arrived on time and were very efficient.  I was not involved at all during the process except for taking photos.  They even bring their own water!

Alpha Clean is a Georgia based pressure washing business with over 6 years’ experience.  They specialize in both commercial and residential properties.  Services include pressure washing, soft washing, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, patios/decks along with gutter and roofing cleaning.  Their mission is to provide aggressively priced quality service while always providing an exceptional product.

2358 Perimeter Park Drive, Ste 370
Atlanta, GA 30341

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