Beloved DHS Physics Teacher & XC Coach, Brad Hendrickson, Dies at 43

 Excerpts from the Dunwoody High Newsletter and Posts from Brad’s friends on Facebook.  I knew him to be a wonderful teacher and brilliant, kind man.   He Coached one of my sons on the DHS Cross Country team and taught the other AP Physics.  Rest In Peace Mr. Hendrickson…yours was a life well lived. ~Audra Anders

Wildcat Nation:

It is with a very heavy heart that I must share the news of the passing of a beloved pillar of Dunwoody High School. Coach Brad Hendrickson passed away this weekend after a long battle with Pancreatic cancer. The mark he made on Dunwoody High School as an athlete, coach, and most importantly, an educator, was one never to be forgotten. Below you will find the beautiful words of his wife Danielle as well as the wishes of the family. I am confident that our community will proudly embrace Brad’s memory and legacy.


Tom Bass, Principal

Dunwoody High School

Danielle Hendrickson:  (Brad’s wife)

“There are no words that can describe the loss that is felt with the passing of my husband, Brad Hendrickson.  The outpouring of love and support from all those near and far is a testament to the man he was. To know him meant to know pure goodness.  He loved everyone and was at your side the moment you needed.  He fought his battle with cancer in the same way he lived his life- with strength, a smile, love and determination to be the best person he could no matter what the challenge. He was a dedicated teacher, encouraging coach, loving friend, husband, brother and son, but most of all the most amazing human being! 

He loved his job, his students and the Dunwoody community. Teaching and coaching gave him so much joy. Our family will be having a private service, but he has asked the following of all that loved him:”

In lieu of flowers –

Perform community service/project in his name or go for a nice run/walk enjoying the great outdoors together with those you love.

Make Donations to one of the causes/programs close to his heart or one close to yours-

This is one of Brad’s favorite quotes that he lived out in his life.  Just being with him made you want to be a better person.

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. -John Wesley

Ingrid Soble Gero (DHS Teacher, former PCMS Teacher)

This Friday night, Dunwoody High School will be having its Friday Night Lights celebration, celebrating 50 years of athletics at DHS. Mr. Brad Hendrickson will be posthumously honored that evening. He is going to be inducted into the Dunwoody Hall of Fame.
Mr. Hendrickson was a wonderful teacher, coach, and mentor to many of my students. He taught up until last week until he passed away peacefully in his sleep Friday night.
I was not lucky enough to know Mr. Hendrickson personally. I just got to pass him in the hallway or in a faculty meeting, but I know that he touched the lives of many of my current and former students. If you would like to be there when they honor him this week, the Friday Night Lights DHS 50 celebration will be from 5:30-8:30 on November 4.

Dunn Neugebauer  (Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School)

A Goodbye to a Friend
For some stories, it’s tough to find the moral.
Though perhaps not worthy of penning these words, I’m still sad because we only see in death what we don’t appreciate in life.
The reason for this: Brad Hendrickson passed away today of pancreatic cancer. Ironically, he was the healthiest guy I ever knew. A biker, runner, tennis player, swimmer. He was the type that, while at running camp, would swim a mile on his break. Or go hit tennis balls.
I passed on his invitations and went to have a beer. Yet, I live on. See?
The thing about some cancers is they are undetectable – you don’t catch them until it’s caught. I don’t know why or how that mess took root in a good man and educator and athlete and husband. The Man upstairs sometimes sends out his lesson over time, though we are impatient souls, as we want to know RIGHT NOW. The way we do when we log in to our cellphones.
Again, often morals aren’t immediate. We wait. Try to make sense of it all.
I’d lost touch with Brad but my intersection with him was good. Athletic. Friendly. A beer or two. An Alta match together. Driving up to Asheville to running camp. Common friends. All that.
In closing, life – in whatever stage – is enjoyed with good people. To me, it’s your GUT reaction when you think of them – before the mind takes over and you’re pressured into what you’re supposed to think.
With that said, I smile. Because one day we hiked for no reason, literally hit tennis without a net, and had a beer because we had the time. He was one of the few that I didn’t mind losing to, one who I went to for financial advice.
He was there. And I’ll simply I say I’m better because he was here.
God’s rest, God’s peace, and I smile picturing your energetic spirit released from a body that could no longer contain you.
Dunn, James Dunn

Dunwoody XC Alumni & Wildcat Family —
You are invited to join XC Alumni, DHS teachers and friends for a meet-up at the Paw on the Dunwoody Track this Saturday (11/5) at 9AM to celebrate the life of Coach Brad Hendrickson.
Gather – We will have coffee and donuts
Tributes – Coaches, Runners & Friends
Moment of Silence
You are invited to stay for a team run in Coach Hendrickson’s honor following the program.
We hope everyone can make it out!