Yearly Trick or Treaters at Audra’s House…..2022 Version

Yep, I’m still keeping track of Trick or Treaters at my house.   The previous owners started this tradition in 1984.   They were out of town in 1994 and 20 years later in 2014 we were out of town.  Last night started sloooooow but picked up after dark.We had the second highest number of all time at 154 beaten only by 165 in 2013.    My favorite guests…of course my adorable next door neighbors Quinn and Reese were in the running but then my 21 year old neighbor Kesler came home from UNG Dahlonega and brought his beautiful girlfriend over for us to meet!   He was winning until Dansby Swanson rang my doorbell 🙂

We’ve stepped it up a notch with spooky lighting, a fog machine, constant Halloween themed tunes, and this year’s oh so popular blinking lighted rings!

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!