City of Dunwoody begins 2023 Community Survey

Randomly selected residents will be contacted by mail, phone, email, and text message to share perceptions about issues related to City services and programs.

Dunwoody, GA – March 1, 2023 The City of Dunwoody is beginning the 2023 Community Survey with invitations to a representative statistical sampling of the population. The survey seeks resident feedback on a wide range of City services and programs.

“We conduct a community survey every few years as a way of measuring satisfaction levels with City services, amenities, and quality of life,” said Dunwoody City Manager Eric Linton. “We look forward to comparing 2023 to prior surveys to see where we’re hitting the mark and identify areas for improvement. This will be a valuable tool to plan for the future.”

Probolsky Research, a national research firm with extensive local government experience, was selected by the City to conduct the survey of Dunwoody residents. Using a stratified random sample method that ensures accuracy and statistical validity, researchers will solicit input from residents across all demographics such
as age, gender, ethnicity/race, and location within the City.

Selected residents will be contacted by the research firm over the course of the next
several weeks by mail, phone, email, and text message. The survey will ask residents about their priorities and level of satisfaction with a range of community services, including policing, parks and trails, oversight of development and zoning, management of streets and roads, community activities, and more.

The survey should take less than 30 minutes. Responses are confidential. Results of the 2023 Community Survey will be presented to the City Council and made available to the public once complete. Anyone with questions canemail Dunwoody’s communications team.