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Last week’s survey indicated that y’all miss all of my pleas for service recommendations.  So I’m going to work on remembering to do this more often and figure out a way to somehow combine your recommendations with our directory.  So….since I’ve been in the middle of a computer crisis over the past month (Wifi issues, old computer finally dying, switching from Comcast to AT&T Fiber, etc.) I’ve been the neediest customer for my favorite computer guy.  I refer him to my friends all of the time.  I’m sure many of you have a favorite computer repair service but many of you need help!  Please leave a comment if you have a computer service to recommend.  Include contact information!  I’ll leave a comment on my own but for the record…..I couldn’t survive without Adam Freedman at Dunwoody PC!  Speak up if you agree!

Leave a comment with your computer repair recommendation!

20 thoughts on “Computer Repair Recommendations Needed

  1. Adam Freedman, Owner of Dunwoody PC, has helped me with NUMEROUS problems over the years. He is intelligent, funny, and a quick problem solver. He has helped me with wifi issues, brainstorming about TV solutions (SLING vs TiVo vs Cable vs ?). He has helped me with back up solutions (carbonite and back up drives). When my computer decides it can’t remember how to print he helps with that. I’m fairly tech savvy but when I’m stumped, I text Adam and he comes to the rescue. He lives in my neighborhood, has twins the same age as my youngest, and has a lovely wife that I adore. I wouldn’t call anyone else. I referred him to my friend Pamela recently and she couldn’t believe he solved all of her many perplexing computer problems in 90 minutes! He will be honored to see all this praise but has NO IDEA that I’m telling all of Aha! about him today. He won’t let you down!

  2. Adam Freedman is the best! He is fair, honest and savvy. Won’t even work on your computer if he feels you need to junk it and start over. My “go to” computer everything resource!

  3. Larry Black; A Computer Partner; one of the most brilliant computer guys I’ve ever met. Many folks have used his services. (770) 314-2400

  4. Adam is amazing and knows computers inside and out. He’s always fair, takes the time to explain what he’s doing and his fees are in-line with his expertise. I’ve referred him to many people throughout the Dunwoody area and they always report back that he fixes their computer issues and does it in a friendly and professional manner. Not to mention the fact he looks just like Clark Howard!

  5. I agree! Adam is awesome! He is wicked smart, quick to respond & keeps all of our systems up to date!

  6. Yes, thank you, Audra, for referring Adam to me! I’d been dealing with some of my computer issues for months — and others for years! He methodically tackled each problem — from 1) solving wireless printing problems, 2) reconfiguring the connections between my computer, router, and Airport Time Capsule to improve speeds, 3) finally hooking up a Verizon booster so my husband doesn’t have to go outside to make calls on his cell phone, and 4) eliminating buffering issues with On-Demand classes for our favorite exercise purchase — a Peloton bike! Adam even gave me advice on how to solve some problems with our theater equipment! I highly recommend Dunwoody PC!!!

  7. When our daughter or son can’t get to the bottom of any computer issue we call Adam of Dunwoody PC. Adam is wonderful, knowledgeable, and local. I would highly recommend his company.

  8. Thank goodness someone recommended Adam to me last February. He’s been my go-to ever since.

  9. (I told my son, who takes care of all my computer, cell phone and other problems, about your request for computer repair and this is what he wrote): My name is Harris Echikson and I grew up in Meadowlake in Dunwoody. My companies install, maintain and repair computers and other electronic devices. I have two companies each specializing in different services.

    Technical Aspect Solutions, LLC, founded in 2008, specializes in business productivity and security. Services include networking, server set up and maintenance, physical security, data back up and recovery, virtualization, firewalls and software education.

    Electronic Minions specializes in smart home services, computer repair,virus removal,parental control,electronic productivity, automated scenery, home audio and video including TV installation and calibration.

    I belong to a “Tech Alliance” which guarantees service if my employees and I are unavailable to fix your problem.

    I have a Network Specialist degree from Lanier Technical Institute, a PC Repair Networking Certificate, Cisco Certification and A+ Certification. I can be reached at 678-772-5616 and for Technical Aspects Solutions, LLC. Or 678-631-8343 and References are available upon request.

  10. We’ve had outstanding experience with Higher Calling IT in Sandy Springs. 7878 Roswell Rd J. (770) 512-8288. They’re next to the Girl Scout Badge and Sash Store. They worked on both our Toshiba laptops. Very knowledgeable and professional and pleasant to work with.

  11. Adam Freedman is great. I had a problem that he said wasn’t in his scope of fixing. He recommend Peachtree Computers 1590 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 200. Roswell, GA 30076. They were prompt, helpful and inexpensive. They also fix ipad screens, etc.

  12. I have to throw in a recommendation for Frontech Inc. on Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. just north of Hammond Rd. or 404-705-8278. They fixed my computer after the Geek Squad and Fry’s made it so it wouldn’t even boot up. Didn’t loose any data and the price was unbelievable.

  13. I LOVE Adam!

    Adam Freedman is great! I have never seen a technical problem he could not solve. He is efficient, VERY knowledgeable, funny and responds quickly. I HIGHLY recommend Adam!

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