Dog Lover Gift Guide

By Audra H. Anders  for The Aha! Connection

Peggy has THREE dogs: Sadie, Chloe, & Willow.

Lauren has 15-year-old Olive.

Audra has almost 16-year-old George.

And these are all the dog gifts we have to share with you!



  • I’ve just decided to get George a glow in the dark collar too!   This was an AHA! moment for me.   George can barely see or hear these days and this will help us find him in our backyard when it is dark outside!

  • Douoxo Shampoo, remember George is almost 16.  He used to struggle with itchy scratchy skin until my friend/Groomer told me about this shampoo a few years ago.   It isn’t cheap but it is so worth it for my baby!


  • Collapsible dog bowl – great for water/food when traveling by car…great for Peggy when traveling with all three of her doggies to HHI and back.


  • For those of you (like Peggy) who trim your dog’s nails, here’s her fave Nail trimmer – She upgraded and got this one and it’s sooooo much easier.

  • Peggy has two of these… squeaks and is much loved by her doggies.

  • Lauren loves Pet People and their loyalty program.  They have a holiday pack of Olive’s favorite

    Kiwi Kitchens Freeze Dried Lamb Liver Dog Treats.     They are really high quality…basically freeze tried meat.

  • My mother-in-law has one of these travel car seats for her 15-year-old Westie named Gracie.  It has made a huge difference in lowering her travel stress between Auburn and Atlanta. 

  • They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Well, they are wrong.   For some reason George has never barked to go outside.  He just goes and stands by the door.  My friend Kim used this bell ringer device to teach her dog, Marshall, to ring the bell when he needs to go outside.   I bought one about three years ago and every one in my family goes crazy with love and appreciation when George rings the bell.  We gush all over him!

  • Finally, you must have a prescription for this dog anti anxiety medicine but it really really really helps old George and his SEVERE fear of Thunder Storms.

  • Oh…Peggy just added one more idea….Go Pup Socks.   Why not have socks with your dog’s face all over them?