Driveway Repair Recommendations

Audra will soon solicit via email for more recommendations in this category.   Meanwhile check the comments section for subscriber comments.

One comment on “Driveway Repair Recommendations

  1. We just had someone replace most of our driveway and he did an excellent job, so much so that I would love to recommend him to others. Here is my plug which you can use as your first if you add this category.

    Ann R.- We just had the concrete pad in our garage relaced as well as most of our driveway. Hector Morales did an amazing job! He was wonderful to work with, made sure to protect our house from the inevitable dust, explained what he was doing during the process, and completed the job quickly and professionally. The driveway looks great and will last a long time! Hector P. Morales: Cell: 770-595-5082, Office: 770-493-4953,

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