Electricians (Updated January 2024)


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Barrett Electricians
Mike Barrett & Chris Stubbs

404-456-3605 Audra Anders, Martin Drucker, Bob Freeman, Leslie
Patrick Klein (good but hard to get) 404-925-3756 Audra Anders
Electrify Atlanta
(Brian Hulsey & Patrick Hablas)
Electric Nick 404-345-1860 Susie Griffin
CL Johnson Electric 
(678) 571-3512
Jennifer Howard
Robert Wagner
Cindy Sedran
Wise Electric
Jeff Callahan Electric
The Electrician Atlanta


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  1. I only use Troy Holland for my electrical work. I have used him for over 15 years. I recently did a kitchen remodel and had to use their electricians, and they left live wires in my drop ceiling, they made a mess of everything. I had Troy come back in and fix everything. He has rewired and extended my electrical panel, added flood lights, hung new light fixtures, installed my gas line. He also does my HVAC and all my plumbing. I remodeled three bathrooms and he updated all the plumbing. He has replaced my hot water filter several years ago when that broke. He can do it all. He knows what he is doing, he is straight forward, honest and just a great guy. I highly recommend him. You can text him at 770-256-8940

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