Glass Recycling

Hi everyone! My name is Sebastian Lund and I am a senior at Dunwoody High School. As many of you know, glass doesn’t get picked up by Waste Management. Instead of putting all your glass in the trash, or going through the hassle of taking it to a recycling center, I can do all the work for you! Simply leave your glass on your driveway and I will pick it up and take it to recycling centers. This service will be priced according to your choice of subscription:
Once/month = $15
Twice/month = $25
3/month = $30
4/month = $40
This service will be mainly focused on glass recycling, however, if you would like any additional recyclables picked up as well, pricing for this can be discussed. Payments can be made with Venmo or Zelle. Do your part for the environment and sign up now!


Sebastian Lund
(470) 618-8802