DHS Academy of Finance Businesses

Since 1999, the DHS Academy of Finance has exposed 11th and 12th grade students to many facets of business to prepare them for the increasingly competitive workplace. Think of it as a “mini” MBA where students take courses in corporate finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, AP macroeconomics and international business. The two-year program includes an emphasis on group projects, team competitions, and interaction with local business leaders that sharpen the students’ networking skills. … Read More »

Contact Rent-A-Teen Today

Note from Jackson:  Contact us for any of the jobs below and please note we can also find a teen to help you move boxes, set up outdoor decorations, pressure wash your screened porch, babysit while you work, cut your grass, cart your kids to camps or practices, pet sit for your vacation and more!  We have a crew of students available to help you!Read More »


Jackson Moore

Aj’s Custom Footwear and Findings

Hi! I’m Naia Morgan, I’m a junior in high school and I’m the founder and owner of AJ’s custom footwear and findings. Do any of you struggle with anxiety? Expressing your interests through your style? I know I have. So I am a giant theatre nerd but after I saw a show that I really loved, I never knew what to say to the actors if I met them.… Read More »

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Naia Morgan
(470) 440-6363

Wildcat Firewood(Finance Academy) – SOLD OUT for 2021!

We are two juniors in the Dunwoody High School Academy of Finance. There is nothing cozier than a crackling fire on a cold night. Even 1/4 of a cord will keep you warm through the winter. Our seasoned firewood will be delivered and stacked wherever you liked. We will get you your order in no more than a week.… Read More »


Charlie Mixson and Braeden Rice
(678) 232-0171

Saturday Cheer Camps!

Our names are Shelby Bercoon, Jordan Drucker, and Olivia Bercoon. We are very involved seniors at Dunwoody High School as Varsity football cheerleaders, Shelby is senior class president, and Jordan and Olivia are both presidents of two different clubs, among many other things and are members of the Finance Academy . For our finance business, we wanted to create a camp for children in the Dunwoody area to participate in on Saturdays. … Read More »

Dunwoody Pressure Washing Services

We are two high school seniors and members of the Finance Academy of Dunwoody High School, offering lower-priced and high-quality pressure washing services to the Dunwoody area and the rest of Metro Atlanta. We offer affordable services at a much lower cost than many other companies without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism, and we hope to work with you to fulfill your pressure washing needs to the fullest extent.… Read More »

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Spencer Hopkins & Dylan Prescott
(404) 692-3950

Dunwoody Mobile Detailing

My name is Matthew Moss and I am the founder of Dunwoody Mobile Detailing, an auto detailing business serving the Metro Atlanta area. We offer professional car cleaning and paint correction services, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. While using Dunwoody Mobile Detailing to transform your vehicle, you also are supporting the Dunwoody High School Finance Academy and young entrepreneurs in the community.… Read More »

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Matthew Moss
(404) 908-7014