Grammar Lessons with Kate: Supposedly vs. supposeably

by Kate Asbury Larkin

Supposedly vs. supposeably

Supposeably* is not a word; the word is supposedly. #forthelove

What are some other “words” people say that really aren’t words and/or do not mean what they intend for them to mean? 

*And for those who delight in proving me wrong, supposeably is actually a word (meaning capable of being supposed, imagined or considered), but that isn’t what those who use it are referring to, so they need to stop saying it and use supposedly, which is what they mean. #sothere

3 thoughts on “Grammar Lessons with Kate: Supposedly vs. supposeably

  1. Me too! I especially loved the one on I vs. me. SO many people get that wrong (which drives me crazy), including my pastor on Sunday!

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