One comment on “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Companies (HVAC)

  1. Please add Cleveland Air Systems, Inc. to the recommendations list. James Ring is the owner and his number 678-873-7273. His email is James ordered and installed our new Lenox HVAC. I can’t recommend him enough! He installed our new HVAC system and left our home spotless. We ended up with the 4 ton Lenox 16 Seer and 95 Elite Furnace with Ivan and Merv 16 (UV & Filter = Hospital Grade Air). What other companies quoted for $19,000 (yes you saw that right) James purchased and installed for literally a fraction of the price. He is straight forward, honest and will also do the yearly maintenance. You get a fair price, he makes a fair profit and yes it is warrantied. Call the other companies get their quotes and then call James or just skip the extra time & BS and call James first.

  2. I would recommend Troy Holland. He replaced our old HVAC system. Very knowledgeable, professional and reasonable. You can reach him at 770-256-8940

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