If you think you are supposed to vote at Dunwoody High School- think again

Update from my favorite polling guy Darrell Davis:

I received word today that our voting precinct, Dunwoody 2, will return to Kingswood Methodist Church for the November 3rd election.  We WILL NOT be at Dunwoody High School. Additionally, the Tilly Mill Road voting precinct will also return to Kingswood Methodist Church from the Dunwoody High School.

According to the information I received the Mount Vernon West (usually called St. Luke’s I think) voting precinct will remain at Dunwoody High School.

Note from Audra:   The absolute best way to figure out where to vote is to go to the Georgia My Voter Page.  You fill in a few pieces of information about yourself and it will tell you where to vote on election day and where you can vote early.  Last week my personal page said I should vote at DHS.  I checked again today and Darrell is correct.  Now I’m supposed to vote at Kingswood.  But guess what, I voted already!