Volunteers invited to join virtual community cleanup

Dunwoody’s annual stream cleanup will go virtual with the #GreatDunwoodyCleanup on November 14.

Dunwoody, GA – October 21, 2020 – The City of Dunwoody invites volunteers to take part in the #GreatDunwoodyCleanup on November 14. The virtual event will make it easy for individuals, families, neighbors or civic groups to help keep Dunwoody beautiful by picking up trash and clearing debris from storm drains.

“This is a great alternative to our annual stream cleanup,” said Dunwoody Stormwater Manager Carl Thomas. “We can’t gather as we usually do because of COVID-19, but everyone can still play a role in protecting our environment.”

Individual participants and groups are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Choose a spot in Dunwoody. It doesn’t have to be a stream. It can be a street, neighborhood common area, or wooded area.
  2. Fill out an online form to share their plans with Dunwoody’s stormwater team.
  3. Post photos of their progress on Nov. 14 using the hashtag #GreatDunwoodyCleanup

“Taking part is as easy as grabbing buckets or bags from home, gloves, and a mask before setting off to make a difference,” Thomas added. “We encourage everyone to practice social distancing and go at their own pace.”

This is a rain or shine event that will last from sunrise to sundown. Community service verification is available upon request. Details are included in the online signup form.

Attached photo features Dunwoody Stormwater Manager Carl Thomas (R) and Dunwoody Public Works Engineer Cody Dallas (L).