Join Us For an Exclusive Decision-Making Event

Want to make better decisions? Who doesn’t?

Join Andy Stanley for this special one-night event where Andy discusses some of the life-changing ideas from his new book, Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets. This teaching will help you make better decisions no matter the context—your finances, relationships, career, and more!

Who is this event for? Anyone that plans to make a decision! Topics covered include wise finances, breaking bad habits, thriving in the workplace, parenting, dealing with disagreement, and more!

This event is provided at no cost and is ideal for both individuals and groups. Special discounts for the book will be provided to all that attend.

If you’ve benefited from Andy’s teaching in the past, you will not want to miss him in this special sit-down conversation hosted by author and pastor Clay Scroggins.

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What’s your decision-making score?

Gain insight into your decision-making habits by taking this five-minute assessment.

About the book

Your decisions determine the direction and quality of your life. And while nobody plans to complicate their life with bad decisions, far too many people have no plan to make good decisions. This book will help you live differently. Read a Free Chapter.

You’ll Discover:

  • Develop a decision-making filter that reveals which choices will likely lead to positive results in your life.
  • Avoid selling yourself on bad ideas.
  • Find truth and clarity in any tricky decision.
  • Improve relationships and heal division through better decisions. 
  • Consider the long-term impact of your choices so you can write a life story worth celebrating.