Laundry With Lauren – Peachy Lyfe

by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a person who hates laundry. Anyone who really knows me, may have even borne witness to my laundry sofa or mountain. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed by the ease at which my children know to hunt for things in the clean laundry pile. It isn’t so much the in and out of the washer and dryer, it’s the folding. And then after all the folding, I have to put it away or trick my kids into putting it away. AND is there anything worse than returning home from a trip and staring back at dirty clothes hanging out of a suitcase, taunting you? I would rather cook 100 meals before folding or finding a single sock. I’ve tried other laundry services before, but despite my hatred of laundry, I have this weird anxiety about being too far away from it. Like, I know it’s going to sit in a pile in my house until I need it, but not being able to have access to it makes me nervous.

Peachy Lyfe is an AHA supporter, so I thought I’d give it a try, especially once I found out their turn around on laundry is next day. I was all set to write a review, but really there isn’t anything to review. You gather your dirty clothes, wadded up and thrown together in a bag and set it on your porch.Then they bring it back to you hanging and folded like magic…the kind of life changing magic and comes down like a tractor beam of happiness and opens up hours of your week and makes you want to spin through your yard like Maria in the Sound of Music. Once you enroll, you can set your preferences on everything from temperature, detergent, fabric softener and folding. The communication is spot on, in that they text you to remind you that they are about to pick and drop off. The dry cleaning is also very affordable and I’m assuming not having to go pick it up, makes it more affordable.

While I was raving to friends about my new favorite thing, another mother offered that she pays a little more to have each of her kids clothes in their own bags, so they come back folded AND sorted. She just hands them their laundry bags and makes them put it away. GENIUS. I’ve been told that most families with kids have two pick-ups on average per week. It would also make a great gift for new parents or someone who may need a hand. I’ve been told it is also great for those of you who may be out temporarily with home renovations. If you hate laundry, or are apathetic to laundry or just want more free time from laundry, I highly suggest you try Peachy Lyfe.  You can use the code AHA and save $25- you’re welcome.

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