Let’s Talk about Waxing

Or maybe let’s not.   Seriously, I’ve been wanting to write about this for two weeks but have decided it is kind of personal.  I mean…..depending on what you are waxing you can get pretty up close and personal with your waxer…or what do you call them?…..”estheticians”.  

Waxxpot owner and Aha! Subscriber, Sarah Alvarez, emailed to offer Peggy and me complimentary wax services in order to try out her new wax salon, Waxxpot. … Read More »

Pure Barre – Audra’s Personal Experience

Okay…so mentioning that I don’t exercise much would be an understatement.   I do walk every day with George but not far enough or often enough to really be considered exercise.  I blame it on being too busy which is true…but I should MAKE time to strengthen my body and keep it healthy!  My other excuse is a really bad back…from 2 separate injuries in my twenties but again, even though I’m afraid of hurting my back, I would probably help the darn thing if I would spend some time strengthening my core.… Read More »