Lunch with Lauren: Snackboxe Bistro

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Snackboxe Bistro’s Lao street food has been popping up in my Instagram feed for a while now. It has been on my list of places to try and then I saw that Eater Atlanta crowned Thip Athakhanh as their Chef of the Year and I knew I had to pop in before I couldn’t get a seat. I rallied my standing lunch date, Amanda and we headed over to the Super H shopping center in Doraville, where Snackboxe Bistro is located. The lunch menu was not huge, which I prefer, especially when I have no idea what I’m doing. We started off with egg roles and beef jerky. The egg roles were perfectly fine, but the real treat was the beef jerky. It was sweet and savory, kind of like candied beef. It was chewy and delicious and my carnivorous kids actually ate the leftovers cold as an after school snack.

Amanda ordered Kua Mee, which is stir-fried rice noodles with pork, egg and peanuts. The flavors were great and what I would consider mild; not in a bad way, but in an approachable, people-friendly way, if that makes sense. The rice noodles kept the meal light and the beansprouts gave it a nice crunch.

I ordered the Nam Khao, a crispy coconut and rice salad with cured pork, or tofu, peanuts, cilantro and lime. Amanda and I agreed that this was amazing and that we needed more of it in our lives. It was so delicious. Like the noodle dish, all the ingredients brought flavor and texture without heavy seasoning or sauces so it felt like a healthy dish.


There are a number of other dishes, including some great looking specials, that I can’t wait to go back and try. Snackboxe Bistro is pretty close to Dunwoody/Brookhaven and is open from 11 am to 9 pm during the week and until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday.  

Snackboxe Bistro
6035 Peachtree Rd, Ste C114
Doraville, GA 30360



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