Meet Carrie Tucker: Interior Designer with a Unique Process for YOU!

by Audra  H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’m a mom of boys…well now they are men but they are still messy boys at heart.  For our TV time together, we’ve always watched sports or Turtle-Man back in the day.  When they were young, my sons and hubby ganged up on me when it was time to get new furniture for the den and convinced me to purchase a reclining sofa, a reclining love seat and a single recliner.  Yes…you can recline in 5 different spots in our very small den on our very dark brown leather furniture.  They still can’t believe they talked me into this.  About 20 years ago, an interior designer friend chose my den paint color which is kind of a rusty orange…not Auburn orange thank heavens but still an orange I am supremely tired of.  Also, during Covid my youngest brought our basement TV to the den and ever since 2020, we’ve had not one but TWO large TVS in our den so we can watch two sporting events simultaneously.  The rug is more or less new and I love it but then came Ozzie….most all of his potty training accidents happened on the rug I love in our den and now the stains are permanent.  Thankfully the potty training is over now!

So guess what room I chose when Interior Designer Carrie Tucker offered to help me do an e-design for a re-design?! Yep…the den!  I had no idea what to expect with the process but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  First of all, Carrie is great!  We have so many people in common and I just know we could be fast friends.  She was so patient with me as I took time to measure the room, send pictures and then send examples of the style of dens I like.  I really didn’t know what I wanted but looked all over the internet and sent photos of rooms I liked.  We set up a “Zoom-style” call to go over my questionnaire and photos.  Carrie asked clarifying questions about what exactly I liked about each photo and wanted to understand my goals for the space and then I waited only about a week for her to come back to me with a design.   

She stayed within my budget, incorporated all of my design preferences, chose a fabulous color scheme, and helped me figure out how to keep two TVs within the design!  We did all of this without her ever even stepping foot in my home!  The finished design showed all the items placed within the room and I really love how Carrie included links to everything so I can purchase right from within the design!  This was so so so easy and I wish I had known about Carrie earlier and I will most likely go to her for one room at a time as I budget for more room makeovers.  The final product even shows me exactly how to hang the curtains and where to place the paintings on the walls…..but she will come over and help with this if you need the extra service!  

Here’s a quick outline of Carrie’s e-design process:

  1. Complete online questionnaire about your space to be designed
  2. Have a 30 minute Zoom call to go over the client’s goals and desires
  3. Detailed, 2D design presented to client, along with video walkthrough
  4. Client final approval and shopping links delivered!

Just who is this Carrie gal?  She’s Carrie Tucker, the founder of H and L Interiors.  Carrie has two children; Landon who is finishing up 4th grade at Kittredge and Hayden who just completed her freshman year at UGA.  Along with her husband Jonathan, they live in the Redfield Subdivision in Dunwoody.

Carrie was a corporate recruiter for almost 20 years but ever since she was a little girl she has loved interior design.  It all started when her very artistic father built an amazing dollhouse from an image in the Sears Catalog.  Her mom, also very talented, built furniture and sewed items for the house and they decorated and redecorated this dollhouse for years!  She still has this amazing dollhouse but has graduated to decorating fabulous houses for humans to enjoy.

Carrie has always dabbled in interior design for herself and friends.  A few years ago, a close friend who has her own organizing business convinced Carrie to go out on her own.  Busy families are her top clients and she likes to offer a mix of options from in person to e-design to handling all of the finishing touches.  You choose what works best for you!  One recently popular service for Carrie is creating e-design of front porches and front doors.  I think that is what I may hire her for next! She excels at gathering information and photos from clients and then designing spaces not necessarily how SHE would do it but how YOU would do it!

Following is a before picture with several “afters” of a beautiful space Carrie recently designed:


Just so you know, I’m not the only one who loves working with Carrie….check out these raving reviews from three local clients:

My husband and I were so excited when we purchased our first home.  Our excitement soon wore off when we realized a majority of the furniture we had from our condo would not fit nor look right in the new space.  We quickly became overwhelmed with the task of decorating and had no idea where to start.  I reached out to Carrie at H&L Interiors hoping she would help guide us with figuring out what to do with our living room.
We had so many different ideas for the space, but had no idea what worked together or how to make the space feel like home.  Carrie was able to get us to focus on the main design elements we wanted and helped us figure out what our style preferences were.  From there she was able to fine tune our space with pieces we never would have thought to use, but immediately loved.  Our living room came out better than I could have imagined.  Carrie is so easy to work with and made the entire decorating process so enjoyable, that we have since asked her to help decorate almost every room in our house. Whether it’s decorating an empty room or making an existing room more cohesive, Carrie is able to step in and take your space to the next level.  I can’t recommend H&L interiors enough.

I absolutely loved working with Carrie on my home renovation.  She assisted me with the space planning before we started renovations and helped me with the overwhelming amount of decisions you need to make through the renovation process.  She also assisted me with the design of our new space since we wanted new furniture and decor once the renovations were complete.  She was so helpful throughout the entire process.  Carrie has great ideas and working with her was such a pleasure!  I highly recommend using her for any of your interior design needs!

Carrie Tucker is absolutely amazing.  After 20 years in real estate, I certainly knew a lot of great designers but was struggling to find the right person to help us for put finishing touches on our home.  She did such a beautiful job helping us with little touches that we’ve now used her for multiple big projects as well.  She’s professional, budget conscious, patient, timely, has an amazing eye for design, and honestly is just an extremely kind person.  From design conception to completion, Carrie was there the entire way paying meticulous attention to details and had wonderful contractors for us to use when needed.  We highly recommend Carrie for big and small design projects!  

Contact Carrie today to help you design an amazing space within your budget.  You can choose e-design or hands on in person meetings!

H and L Interiors – Carrie Tucker, Founder