Movies of the Week

I’m so far behind on my reading and have been so busy that I haven’t had time to spend reading the GREAT book that I’m currently reading by a local author.  I promise to finish within the week and let you know all about it!  This week I’m replacing the book of the week with 3 movies of the week!

Here’s some scoop on three good movies that I’ve seen with one or more of my family members lately. 

Ant-Man (currently in theaters)

My first thoughts upon hearing about this movie were, “Ant-Man, SERIOUSLY??”.   However, my movie industry girlfriend strongly encouraged me to go see it so I dragged my 14 year old with me and we ABSOLUTELY. LOVED. IT!  It was inspiring, uplifting, fun, action packed and we highly recommend for families with teens who love super heroes!  We are hoping to see much more of Ant-Man in the future!

Motion Picture Rating:  PG-13


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (currently in theaters)

This type movie is an easy sell for movie night with my hubby.   Interesting story, lots of action, and a pretty leading lady.   We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie and our date night at Studio Movie Grill.  It’s a great flick for date night and I also know that my boys would have loved it. 

Motion Picture Rating:  PG-13

St. Vincent (on DVD)

So, the hubby and I decided to rent this Saturday night and watch it with Walt (who turns 14 today).   It is rated PG-13 but an early scene, in my humble opinion, should have been rated R.  I quickly covered his head with a blanket and after what seemed like the longest scene in history let him come up for air.  Once I recovered from that we all enjoyed the movie immensely.  Bill Murray is excellent and the theme of the story that even a guy like Vince (played by Murray) has saintly qualities reminded me that we should look for the saint in everyone.

Motion Picture Rating:  PG-13