These girls stop traffic and are about to become The Pink Ladies Traffic Control!

Submitted by Stephanie Kayhan for The Aha! Connection:

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I wanted to share with you all, a wonderful thing that has recently happened for our traffic girls. I spoke with the co-owner of GS Construction today to get details of the new project that the girls are a part of. It’s really exciting. A new organization has officially been set up for them. It is called The Pink Ladies Traffic Control. According to Alessandro, the co-owner I spoke with, “the sundae with all the ice-cream and chocolate fudge has been made, now the sprinkles and the toppings are being added.” The Pink Ladies is owned by Alessandro’s mother, Connie Cimato. GS Construction has been a strong supporter of the women for years now, believing in them and trying to give them tools and experience to help them better their lives. They are aware of all of the volunteer efforts that the traffic girls do already, mentoring other girls who are in recovery. They wanted to start a program, eventually building it to be a non-profit company, as a stepping stone for these women to use their gifts to help others and to provide them with steady employment. Job training is already in place at GS Construction, but Alessandro and his mother felt it important to create an entity that not only offers traffic control services, but empowers women in fragile situations, to go far as they learn first-hand, management skills and life skills from women who can empathize completely. There are a total of 12-14 women around in the area working for GS Construction. They have crews in downtown Decatur, in Marietta and as you know, in Dunwoody. I have only spoken to Gigi about her new ‘gig’ and her excitement was so contagious, I couldn’t wait to share her enthusiasm with you. I imagine that all of the other girls are thrilled with the opportunity that awaits them. I LOVE that you hear about this first thanks to my friend Audra, keeping us all connected and informed through The Aha!Connection, and because she loves so much spreading good news. Thank you, Audra! When you see our traffic girls wearing PINK camouflage reflective gear one day soon, you’ll smile knowing all their stories and knowing that they are proud and honored to be a Pink Lady.


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