Taggart’s Driving School for Teens

30 hours Classroom and 6 hours of private in-car lessons with home pick up for the in car portion. Completion of this program entitles parents of the student a $150 direct tax credit to their GA Income Taxes. Additionally, the student is entitled to a 10% premium discount on their auto insurance which is increased to 20% discount if has a B average or above and is in the upper 20% of the class.… Read More »

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Teenage Drivers- What’s the deal about the laws in Georgia?

The State of Georgia Graduated License System~
3 Steps to getting the “final” license

In 2007 the State of Georgia passed Joshua’s Law.  This bill changed the process that a teen driver goes through to receive a driver license.

In addition, the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA) has established a step by step graduated driver license system that minimizes high risk situations for the teen driver and increases supervision and involvement of a licensed adult driver.… Read More »

Driver’s Education Courses

The Aha! Connection is the best place to obtain recommendations from Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area neighbors and friends regarding services!  For years I’ve asked for recommendations and with the capabilities of our Aha! Connection website I am able to easily retain the information on-line for everyone to share and refer back to. It’s time for a new list and I need your help! … Read More »