Directory: Public Schools (Dunwoody, Chamblee, & Sandy Springs)

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Testing: SSAT for Private School Applications

SSAT supports students and families pursuing private school education around the world. Click here to learn about test dates, fees, and deadlines.

What is the SSAT?

The SSAT is the required admission test for many of the best independent schools in Atlanta. This test is one important step on your path to an independent school education. … Read More »

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Private School: Key Dates for Applicants

Fall and winter – Contact the Admissions Office of schools you are interested in for application information and to schedule your grade-specific tour.

Campus visits by applicants for interviews and testing typically begin in January.

Open House for all schools vary.   Some have only one, others have several.

Applications for all applicants are due in early February (varies per school) Supplemental materials (teacher recommendations, transcripts, test scores etc.)… Read More »

Directory: AAAIS (Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools)

The Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools is an affiliation of independent schools in the Atlanta area that operates under similar ethical and organizational guidelines. AAAIS schools also administer a nondiscriminatory policy towards admission and do not discriminate regarding race, color, creed, gender, national origin or age.

Click here for a list of AAAIS Member Schools

Click here for AAAIS FAQs

Click here for the AAAIS Calendar (includes some school Open House and Tour Dates)Read More »

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Community Pool Options

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

See the entire Aha! Pool Spreadsheet in Excel format or in Adobe PDF format.  Oops.  Did I forget your favorite pool or make a mistake or omit some important info?  Comment on this post and I’ll make corrections and additions!

Following are hot links to the websites of the 20 pools on our spreadsheet:

  1. Branches
  2. Brittany
  3. Byrnwick
  4. Deerfield East II
  5. Dunwoody Country Club
  6. Dunwoody North
  7. Fontainebleau
  8. Gainsborough
  9. Georgetown (Lauren’s Choice)
  10. Huntley Hills
  11. Kingsley
  12. Lockridge Forest
  13. Lynwood Park Public Pool
  14. Mill Glen
  15. MJCCA
  16. Murphey Candler Public Pool
  17. Redfield
  18. Vermack  (Audra and Peggy’s Choice!)
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Health Insurance Recommendations Needed

For every family that is self-employed finding insurance for 2018 has become even more difficult with Blue Cross Blue Shield dropping out of metro Atlanta.  It seems as if Kaiser could be the only traditional insurance offering for the self-employed.  I’m hearing good things about Liberty Healthshare as an alternative to traditional insurance.

My family has been very happy with the advice from Argyll Insurance (404-542-1476 or More »

Computer Repair Recommendations Needed

Last week’s survey indicated that y’all miss all of my pleas for service recommendations.  So I’m going to work on remembering to do this more often and figure out a way to somehow combine your recommendations with our directory.  So….since I’ve been in the middle of a computer crisis over the past month (Wifi issues, old computer finally dying, switching from Comcast to AT&T Fiber, etc.)… Read More »

Remodelers/Renovation Specialists

Click here to find the compilation of Re-Modeler/Renovation Specialist recommendations from Aha! Subscribers as of 03/10/15

We haven’t updated this important list for several years and I’m sure there are some new great choices out there!  Please respond to this post via the comment section if you can recommend  someone for home remodeling for kitchen, bathroom, basements etc!   … Read More »