The Consumer Innovation Center has relocated, upgraded and is still paying people for their opinions…right here in Dunwoody!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

By now you have likely figured out that the “Perimeter Target Shopping Center” is now called Ashford Lane and keeps improving every day!  The Consumer Innovation Center used to be next door to HobNob and caddy corner from Superica but they’ve simply moved around the corner between Crunch Fitness and the new Hall at Ashford Lane.  I believe their old space or at least a portion of it, will soon be home to Culinary Dropout

I’m fascinated with the CIC and the work they do.  Everyone I’ve ever interviewed really enjoys getting paid for their opinions tasting beverages.  A few years ago I wrote an article explaining the CIC and how you can get paid to share opinions.  I followed up last year and interviewed  Jennifer and Quincy to learn about their specific experiences.  Last week I was able to tour the brand new, beautifully renovated location and chat with Deana and Sam.

Sam and Deana

The new location was swimming with activity when I visited last Wednesday morning.  Perhaps it’s the new location, perhaps its Covid being further in the rear view but there were tons of people in and out getting paid to taste test.  The renovated space has a cheerful vibe and is laid out much better for the people waiting to test to be able to plug in and get some work or reading done while they wait.

Deana, Sam and I grabbed a spot in the corner of the bustling waiting room to chat.  Both commented about how much better they like the new place and were glad to recently discover the parking deck out back!  Deana is a business consultant who works from her home office in Lithonia helping people start businesses.  Sam performs his analytics job from home in Berkeley Lake or from the Inspire Brands – A Global Multi-Brand Restaurant Company office in Sandy Springs.  Deana tries to schedule tastings a few times per week while Sam does 2-3 per day!   Both mentioned that once you sign up to get paid for your opinion, you need to be on the lookout for invitations to test, and type quickly to respond and schedule.  These spots are popular and fill up fast and pay about $30 per test!

Jonathan Redmon

Both were very complimentary of CIC employees Jonathan Redmon and Evan Azzara.  They are reportedly very accommodating and running a well-oiled machine allowing for each test to typically take about 10-15 minutes.  I was able to watch Deana and Sam perform a few taste tests and it appeared to be quick and easy.  Their challenge each time was to drink three different sodas and choose which one was different.  They seem to get the answer right…most of the time!   Right or wrong they still get paid and Sam said it’s fun to treat it like a game.

I asked them what they like the most about the process….basically why do they do it?   Both mentioned loving the ability to get a change of pace from their typical work at home days and they also love the central location with all of the great new amenities to try at Ashford Lane.  After we wrapped up our conversation, Deana and I walked next door to the Hall at Ashford Lane to check it out.  It’s beautiful and the menu is amazing.  Hubby and I will go and tell you about it sometime soon!

Meanwhile….Sign up today to get paid for your opinion!  Please forward this article to others who may be interested, especially those who live or work in and around Dunwoody!  Once you’ve signed up, be on the lookout for emails with opportunities to head over and give your opinion in return for some money!

The Consumer Innovation Center
4550 Olde Perimeter Way Suite 402A
Dunwoody, GA 30346

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