Travel Tuesday with Danielle ~ This Summer, Pick A Destination Where You Do NOT Need A Rental Car!

by Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Travel Designs for The Aha! Connection

Don’t let this rental car crisis crush your travel plans!  Many are itching to finally travel and wanting to make last minute plans.  If you haven’t already booked a trip, be strategic in picking your destination. This problem should settle down after the summer, but the surge in U.S. travel is wreaking havoc with travelers in need of a car rental.  In the past I have suggested for people to look for rental cars outside of airport locations, but even those locations are now experiencing the same squeeze.  Click here to read about the current car rental crisis if you are not aware of the issue.  If you are looking to fly somewhere fun this summer in the U.S. and the car rental pricing is unreasonable, pick a destination where a car rental is not a must. 

Biking in Grand Teton National Park
Fly Fishing Jackson

Going out west for example is possible depending on the destination.  The key is making sure the airport is not far away.  Some examples are Jackson, WY, Whitefish, MT, Park City, UT and Vail, CO (Eagle Vail airport only).  These are wonderful summer destinations that offer walk-able towns with plenty of restaurants and shops.  The town of Jackson, WY for example is only 15 minutes from the airport.  Staying in the town or within walking distance is key, then book excursions that provide transportation or book a driver for those excursions outside of town.  As a bonus, you can even do a day tour of Yellowstone that includes pick-up and drop-off.  Jackson even has a rodeo within walking distance of the town!

Jackson Hole Rodeo

Stay safe and enjoy summertime!


Please remember to travel responsibly, wear your mask and do not travel unnecessarily if you are elderly or immune-compromised! And remember to check your destination’s travel restrictions/requirements before and during planning, as well as double-checking before departure!

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