Troy’s Burger Corner: Four Winds Restaurant

Troy's burger cornersweet teaOn our way home from vacation in Florida, my family was looking for a bite to eat for our final vacation dining choice. My Dad studied Yelp reviews for restaurants nearby, leading us to our decision to eat at Four Winds in Cusseta GA, home of the Ranger Burger. Four Winds is just down the road from Ft. Benning Army Military Base near Columbus, GA and about 2 hours from Dunwoody.  Being a cool, military themed eatery, we thought it would be a good experience and atmosphere with some apparently good burgers (according to Yelp). Burger wise, our family left disappointed. I had the bacon cheeseburger, and it was not very good. The portions were huge and we wish we had known to ask for smaller one patty burgers.  To us, it seemed the burgers were soaked in onions and then reheated before serving, which is a little disgusting and never tasty.  Despite the bad burgers, the service was great and they even served cold water to George (our dog) and let him hang out on the outdoor patio with us while we ate.   The best thing about Four Winds was the really good sweet tea, served in a Mason Jar.   Mom couldn’t resist educating us on the history of Mason and Ball canning jars.

If you are near Ft. Benning  and thirsty maybe you should check it out but I wouldn’t recommend driving from Atlanta just to eat there.

  • Four Winds Restaurant
    464 Ga Hwy 26
    Cusseta, GA 31805

Rating: 4 (Four Winds gets a FOUR…how ironic.)

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