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Last week I decided to check out Illegal Food, home of the #1 rated burger in Atlanta by Zagat. Although this place had plenty of tasty looking burger options, I came for the headliner: The Hank. This burger is made from house ground dry-age grass-fed beef, American cheese, crisp shredded iceberg, sweet vidalia onion, house made dill pickle, and special sauce. The description sure sounded yummy, and so was the burger. There is nothing too bizarre about this burger, but everything is done so right. It is also given just enough character to separate itself from a regular cheeseburger. The way all the flavors came together was so delicious. Every flavor contributed in a very tasty and perfect way, but my two highlights had to be the sweetness of the onions and the gooey cheesy taste from the American cheese. For a few moments I thought the Hank could beat the Red Eyed Mule’s sloppy slaw burger, but it just wasn’t quite as amazing as that slaw chili combo for me. Of all the burgers I’ve tried, this one without a doubt has been the closest to being my new favorite in Atlanta. This burger is crazy good and definitely worth the drive to Virginia Highlands.   In fact, it was so good that I took my mom, dad and brother two days later and had the double Hank!

Troy’s Rating: 9/10

Illegal Food
1044 Greenwood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306 (Behind Dark Horse Tavern)
404 254-2141

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