Video: Lauren and Audra get a flu shot…please get one too!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I’ve known Casey and Roxanne Locarnini since our 22 year olds were in 5th grade together the very first year of Dunwoody Elementary School’s existence.   Dr. Casey Locarnini  is the founder, owner, and medical director of Dunwoody Urgent Care. “Doctor Loc” has over 28 years of experience as a physician.  His wife, Roxanne, reminded me last week that flu shots are available now.  She invited Lauren and me to experience their COVID friendly flu shot experience.  She invited Peggy too, but Peggy is even smarter than we are because she ALREADY got her flu shot!

I keep hearing that for the 2020-2021 flu season, the influenza vaccine is more important than ever.    For many details regarding why, you can read this NY Times article.   I spoke with Dr. Locarnini about his opinion and  he absolutely agrees that getting the vaccine this year is extremely important.   Medical professionals are focusing on minimizing flu cases, so resources go where they need to……..COVID.  Casey explained getting a flu shot markedly reduces your chances of getting the flu, and of transmitting it if you do get it.  A high rate of immunization will dramatically help medical professionals sort out who has the flu and who has COVID-19.

Since I’m obsessed with practicing and improving my very newbie iMovie abilities, Lauren and I decided to film our experience for your education and enjoyment!   Lucky for us, I know the nurse and she has mad shot giving skills!   I went first and Nurse Allison Kuller gave me a shot through the driver’s window of my car.   We then went inside for Lauren’s shot, simply so we could show you both options.

The waiting room is empty (germ free) because patients wait in their cars to be admitted inside.  This is a revolutionary change in my opinion!   Payment can be taken over the phone to avoid germs as well.   Our screening questionnaire was verbal and over the phone.

Dunwoody Urgent Care only carries the best flu shots available and they are $30 and can be scheduled by appointment. However, they cannot accept insurance for flu shots at this time:

  • Quadrivalent (4 Flu strains-2 A strains and 2 B strains) – broadest coverage available
  • Completely Mercury, Thimerisol and preservative-free
  • Single dose, individual syringes – enhances safety for patients
  • Available for 3 year olds and up
To lessen the risk of contracting COVID-19 in their office, Dunwoody Urgent Care has instituted the following procedures:
  • Maintaining an EMPTY waiting room
  • Checking in all patients in individual treatment rooms
  • Triaging potential non-COVID-19 respiratory patients by phone, or performing triage outdoors
  • Frequent decontamination of all surfaces
  • Eliminating front office iPad check-in
  • Providing surgical masks, hand sanitizer and single-use pens to ALL patients, and providing masks to family members and friends

Dunwoody Urgent Care is located conveniently in the Dunwoody Village area, and as I mentioned, is owned and operated by a local family who constantly gives back to our amazing small town community!   Whether you choose to go to a local pharmacy, your physician, Dunwoody Urgent Care, or wherever your insurance tells you to go…I highly encourage flu shots….especially this year.   I’ll never forget my youngest son getting the flu one November while we were at Disney World.   He and I spent most of the week in the emergency room (2 visits) while my husband and other son had a blast eating their way through Epcot and riding Expedition Everest a zillion times.   My baby made me promise then and there that we would always get flu shots together…..every.single.year!   This is my first year since then to get one without him.  He assured me he’s got one scheduled in his college town 🙂

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