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Submitted by Peggy Smith for The Aha! Connection

We moved into our house five years ago and the first couple years we had no issues with water intrusion.  About two years ago, water seeped into the basement corner after very heavy, flash flooding type of rain.  Our basement is finished and carpeted so the clean up was a mess but with the help of a industrial wet vac and a ton of box fans blowing under the carpet we appeared to salvage the situation.  We had a couple companies come out to give us a plan and estimate.  The three companies we had out all presented different solutions at different and very high price points and none could seem to pinpoint the cause of the water intrusion.  While considering those options, we decided to take a look back through the home inspection report and found a small section that had recommended having the landscaping lowered by that particular corner.  Oops.  So we hired a landscaper and had that area lowered, installed a rock bed, cleaned the gutters and also made sure the already existing french drains and downspouts were extended.  Crisis averted and things seemed to be okay.  Until the past several months when water has seeped in by that corner during a very heavy rain.  It was only a very small amount and due to “life” we frankly ignored it.  Then the recent torrential rains arrived and the water flowed into the basement corner and spread and it’s taken over a week to get it cleaned up and dried out and the musty odor still lingers.  Sigh. 

I am super grateful for the awesome Aha! readers have sent in so many recommendations which I have compiled below.  We have a few companies coming out but not for another week or two because everyone is super backed up due to the recent weather.  Hopefully I can find a solution soon and I also hope anyone else dealing with something similar also finds a solution!  Feel free to comment or email me any ideas, recommendations, etc. 


Allstate Waterproofing
Michael Cain 770-938-2238
* highly recommended by two realtors I trust … I actually used Michael to waterproof our crawlspace at our previous home before we sold it. 

Black’s Foundation Waterproofing
Andy Black
* highly recommended by a realtor I trust but they are about a month out for appointments due to weather but hopefully they can fit us in sooner

CGS Waterproofing
(404) 882-7973

Ducks Waterproofing
Ryan D is a local Peachtree Corners resident

Echols Roofing and Home Improvements
Mark Ashe

Engineered Solutions of Georgia
Jay – owner

Georgia Landscape

Georgia Outdoor Services
Hamilton Tate

Riverbend Landscaping

* received multiple recommendations

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