Aha! Teens – Kylie Bick

by Audra Anders for The Aha! Connection

Everyone knows that I love the DHS Class of 2020.   I’m shameless in my adoration for my Walter and his friends who work so hard at Rent-A-Teen.   I’m currently interviewing a talented young woman to help me learn how to insert a little video into Aha!   And finally, I’ve reacquainted myself with a young neighbor who sang a duo with my baby at Vanderlyn’s Polar Express!

Kylie Bick is a rising Class of 2020 Senior at Dunwoody High School. As a teenager in our city, she has a passion to make a difference. She has been writing her whole life and is very excited to become a part of The Aha! Connection community. By being the teen voice, she hopes to inform and excite her fellow neighbors into becoming further involved in the youth of Dunwoody.

Email Kylie if you have any suggestions of stories you’d like for her to write about!

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