Audra’s Fitness Blog ~ Fitness Together

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

So….Beth chose her newborn grandson over me and I had to find somewhere else to work out.   Seriously, he’s way cuter than me so I totally understand.  Thankfully my friends Karen Cannon and Christine Taylor talked to the owner of Fitness Together and had the owner, Russ Yeager, reach out to me about giving them a try.

I started working out with Nathan on Mondays and Kyle on Wednesdays sometime in mid-December.   Unfortunately sickness and holiday busy-ness took over my schedule so I really didn’t get started with a regular routine until January.   

I really do enjoy Nathan and Kyle…..they work together to develop my weekly routine.  They push me…but not beyond my limits.   Nathan “nags” me to track my nutrition while Kyle seems to push me a little harder during my workouts.  They are a great combo.

I decided to start out with 2 private sessions per week but eventually plan to coordinate with Christine and Karen to schedule a few semi-private sessions with them and once I’m totally comfortable I may move to PACK sessions which are basically small group classes.

They have literally just finished up a major renovation of their studio including a remodel of the area, tons of new equipment, and a STYKU 3D Body Scanner (more on that another day). 

Hopefully Russ will continue to offer amazing giveaways so that more and more AHA Subscribers can give them a try!  Russ shot the following video of Kyle and me working out last week….I’ll try to get more of these but I’m not sure yet  how I feel about working out on camera and sharing my sweaty self with everyone!

Fitness Together is located just behind J. Christopher’s in Dunwoody Village.