The best burger I’ve ever had!

burger 2My kids will eat just about anything with very few exceptions.  I love that they are adventurous eaters because I love to try new recipes and new restaurants!  However, if given the choice both of them will choose BURGERS the majority of the time.  Actually, they’d choose steak every time but they know that our budget doesn’t allow for unlimited steaks.  

Over the years we’ve tried interesting and unique burgers all over Atlanta and beyond.  For a while we regularly went to The Counter in Roswell and enjoyed building our own burgers.  Of course we love Farm Burger and each member of my family has a different favorite burger there.   (My favorite at FB is the #4 which is actually chicken!)   The boys regularly order burgers at Marlow’s Tavern and also frequent the awesome Dunwoody hang-out, Village Burger.    We’ve tried the burgers at The Varsity but prefer their dogs.    My oldest and I trekked to Virginia Highlands last summer to check out the famous burgers at George’s and yes, they were yummy.   In January both boys talked me into going to Midtown for a Sublime Burger at The Cypress Street Pint and Plate.  This one I just couldn’t try….it is a ½ lb burger, with cheddar, caramelized onion, applewood bacon and the bun…. two Sublime doughnuts!   They LOVED it!  I just stared at it in awe.   The boys have enjoyed a Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar downtown.  We’ve tried (and liked) Yeah! Burger, SmashBurger, Five Guys, and Cheeseburger Bobby’s.

Sublime Burger
Sublime Burger

Somehow my boys heard about the burgers at The Vortex and were dismayed to learn that you can’t even walk in the door there unless you are 18+.  My oldest has already created an entry on my calendar to go to the Vortex for his 18th birthday in June of 2016.   We also loved our burgers at Flip Burger Boutique but were more impressed with their Krispy Kreme milk shake! 

All of this build up about burgers is to let you know that I think my family all agrees that we found the best burger in town last week!  We were supposed to dine at The Red Eyed Mule (listed in Atlanta Magazine’s “Best Breakfasts” edition) for a breakfast celebration but our plans were delayed until lunch time.   Their website boasts that The Food Network’s Alton Brown has proclaimed Jake’s Sloppy Slaw Burger to be the best in Atlanta.  We were suddenly excited that we were headed for lunch rather than breakfast.  

Jake’s Sloppy Slaw Burger from The Red Eyed Mule

I decided to try their signature Jake’s Sloppy Slaw Burger.….it was simply THE BEST BURGER I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.   Two of us went back two days later because we had to have another one!

Basically all of their burgers are made with 6 ounces of black angus ground chuck and served on buttered and grilled thick Texas toast.  What makes Jake’s Sloppy Slaw burger so special is the Sloppy Jimmy (as opposed to Sloppy Joe) Sauce and Homemade Cole Slaw.  The Sloppy Jimmy Sauce is made with Chorizo.  The combination of the sweet, (cole slaw) buttery, (bread) spicy, (Sloppy Jimmy) and Angus Chuck is simply divine. 

Disclaimer:  These opinions are my own and I was not paid one dime from any burger establishment to be mentioned in this post.  I simply wanted to share yummy burger news with you all and am hopeful that you’ll add your comments and perhaps suggest some other yummy burgers around town that my family should try!   Please share your thoughts!

Below is a list of a few other establishments known for fabulous burgers in Atlanta.  I hope to try them soon:

15 thoughts on “The best burger I’ve ever had!

  1. We had Holeman and Finch for the first time this weekend, and I would strongly vote that they are THE BEST burgers, not just in Atlanta.

    Tip: Go on Sunday for brunch, when they sell an unlimited quantity; they open at 11:30, but there’s already a line waiting by 11, and the restaurant is small (and no reservations)

    They do not ask how you want the burger. They don’t need to – just trust them, unless you have food allergies.

  2. Moxie’s in Marietta. Always busy but so good. I especially love the Lamb Burger. Fries cooked perfectly. Outside covered eating year round.
    moxie burger restaurant … 255 Village Parkway NE suite 120 Marietta, GA 30067 office. 770.627.3201

  3. Just wondering how you can have a poll about the best burger place in Dunwoody if you don’t include the very best burger restaurant in Dunwoody – Five Guys Burgers.

  4. Try Moxie Burger in East Cobb, at the corner of Johnson Ferry and Paper Mill.
    Oh my goodness! many different kinds, but THE Moxie Burger comes with fried green tomatoes, bacon and Pimento Cheese! Great potato fries, sweet potato fries and the best zucchini fries!!

  5. Audra, you really need to add the restaurant in brookhaven town – called “There”
    they have the BEST Bison Burger…. and a great hidden gem of a restaurant across from Costco Brookhaven

  6. Hi Audra-

    I read your Burger thoughts and I love myself a good burger as well! I have to try the Red Eye Mule now!

    I found this article from 2013 on Holeman-finch. We did this last year, so I am not sure if you can still do it…but you can go to a Braves game and sit in the outfield (can’t see the screen), but you get an amazing burger. It’s a deal where you get a ticket and burger for $32. They hold your burger for you because they run out and the place is right by your seats. It was really fun! Check it out and hopefully they still have the deal.

    Hope you are having a great summer!
    Can’t believe I will be seeing Troy driving around the hood sometime soon!!

    Sandi Sherman

  7. I kept waiting for a mention of The Vortex. I forgot their was an age requirement. I haven’t been yet either, so maybe I’ll “save the date.” 🙂

  8. I had a burger that was grilled with love in the dripping rain at the Kingsley swim meet last night. Let’s just say it wouldn’t make your list. I’m so hungry for a good one now!

  9. We tried the Muss & Turner burger on Sunday, 6/29 and it was fabulous! Definitely makes the top 5 best burgers in Atlanta for our family but the Red Eyed Mule still reigns supreme! 🙂

  10. Went to The Red Eyed Mule this weekend on your suggestion and you are correct! Best Burger Ever! The owner asked how we heard about them and we told them from the Aha Connection.

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