Dunwoody Burger Poll


8 thoughts on “Dunwoody Burger Poll

  1. In addition to my previous comment about the best burger, the atmosphere, the fries, the custard….all The Best!

  2. I’m sure all these other restaurants have good burgers but when I’m craving a burger I automatically think about VB!!!

  3. Not only does Village Burger have the best burger in town, but when you combine it with the other great food, beer, and atmosphere they provide, it’s hand down the best burger place in Dunwoody.

  4. I must eat gluten free…so mostly no buns, with a few exceptions like Cheesecake Factory. Eating without a bun let’s you really taste the burger. Village Burger gets my vote! They wrap burger in lettuce then foil paper for ease of holding…delicious…just might need one today!

  5. The BEST place for burgers and MORE! Friendly, great prices and food. THE meeting place for Dunwoody.

  6. BEST Burgers in town!!! Friendly service and great prices. They love giving back to the community as well.

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