Book of the Month Giveaway: Through the Eyes of a Lion

Congrats to our winner:  Donna Highberger

A dear friend gave me this paperback several years ago and somehow it made it to the top of my reading stack recently.   I typically read books on my Kindle but was missing the feel of a book in my hands.  Wow…I literally read this book in a day.   I found myself highlighting passages I wanted to go back to and realized I was highlighting almost every word.  I’m definitely going to read this one again.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about this book: 

“What will you do when the unthinkable happens in your life?
Her parents called her Lenya Lion because of her ferocious personality and hair that had been wild and mane-like since birth. But they never expected that, five days before Christmas, their five-year-old daughter would suddenly go to heaven after an asthma attack. How do you walk out of an emergency room without your daughter?”   WHOA….

Meanwhile, I started researching the author.   Levi Lusko is the author of the bestselling books “Through the Eyes of a Lion” and “Swipe Right.” He is also the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church – a multi-site church located in Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Wyoming that he and his wife Jennie pioneered in 2007….might be time to visit Montana?

Coincidentally, right after I finished reading Through the Eyes of a Lion another friend randomly sent me a podcast that she loved and wanted me to hear.  She knows I’m always trying to figure out ways to slow down and stop volunteering for everything that comes across my path.   Guess who was speaking? …..Levi Lusko…Here’s the podcast she sent me:  Helter Skelter.   

Since then I’ve downloaded his Fresh Life App and listen to his messages whenever I have podcast time! Congrats to Donna for winning my copy…meanwhile….if you want to purchase a copy use the following link:

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  1. It must be a powerful book if you wanted to read it again. I would love to read an amazing book and share it with others. Sounds like it would be great for book club.

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