The Academic Connection: Deep Dive Into College Affordability with Merit Aid Grids and Scholarship Transparency

by Brian Eufinger of Edison Prep for The Aha! Connection

With summer in full swing, parent-to-parent conversations around the grill invariably involve their children’s upcoming college plans: “Where is Sarah going next fall? Has she decided on a major? She got how much in merit aid? I didn’t even know that was possible!” 

This article addresses one simple truth: We are living in a golden age of merit aid for college.… Read More »

What Can Sophomore Parents Do to De-Stress the College Process?

by Brian Eufinger of Edison Prep for The Aha! Connection

As a parent, you’ve likely seen a variety of advice regarding the optimal steps to take for college admissions planning from older parents. It runs the gamut: some friends probably recommend starting too early, which can stress students out; others recommend a timeline that’s too late in the process to turn the Academic Titanic, so to speak.… Read More »

The Academic Connection: What Are Executive Function Skills? (And Why Do They Matter)

by Maggie Wray of Creating Positive Futures for The Aha! Connection

As a parent, you’re likely very aware of the impact your student’s GPA can have on their ability to get into college, earn scholarships, and even save on car insurance. What you may be less aware of is the impact your student’s executive function (EF) skills can have on their GPA.… Read More »

The Academic Connection: Better FAFSA: The New Financial Aid Process for 2024

by Brian Eufinger of Edison Prep for The Aha! Connection

Note: This blog post was originally written before the incredibly unfortunate news about the delayed Better FAFSA rollout was announced. Therefore, these first two paragraphs are about how the delay is being handled, and the overall info re: the new Better FAFSA and financial aid process (the original article) is below! … Read More »

Introducing The Academic Connection! A new monthly feature for families with students in middle, high school, and college!

The Academic Connection

by Brian Eufinger and Maggie Wray for The Aha! Connection

Welcome to the first edition of the Academic Connection, a special feature of the Aha! Connection that will be published monthly going forward.

The Academic Connection is being co-written by two local education entrepreneurs, Maggie Wray and Brian Eufinger. Maggie is a Dunwoody resident and the founder of Creating Positive Futures, an academic coaching company that helps middle, high school, and college students earn better grades with less stress by developing the organization, time management, mindset, study strategies, and executive functioning skills they need to reach their goals.… Read More »