Foodie Frenzy-#17 Sushi House Hayakawa

 Finally, FINALLY, I made it to Sushi House Hayakawa. You know I have been pining for this gem, however, not all my compadres are always sushi fans. This is definitely a restaurant best suited for a true sushi aficionada and purist.

When my Mom and Sister asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday, with no stutter, I said Hayakawa! Given the fact that they only have seating for 30 people in this Buford Highway gem, we had a tough time securing a four top even four weeks in advance. Now, I totally understand why!

We started the amazing adventure with a trip to Treat your Feet and then headed across the street to Sushi House Hayakawa for a 5:30 PM reservation. Yes…early dinner but the only time available!

When we entered this lovely, romantic and cozy restaurant, I quickly knew we had scored! The first question that our very informative waiter, Mike, asked was “Do you have any food allergies?” I can’t remember that question ever being asked, so I felt confident that we were in good hands. Mike’s congenial personality was contagious! He recommended the fatty tuna, yellow tail, soft shell crab, spiced tuna, fried flounder in sauce and blue crab miso soup.

All the fish is flown in on Wednesdays and Fridays from Japan, Alaska, etc. to ensure fresh temptations.

I loved the fact that Mike advised my Mom to drink her miso soup post meal due to the amount of sodium, which would apparently decrease her ability to enjoy her previous orders. I too anointed the post meal blue crab miso soup and appreciated the advice given!

Haykawa offered no soy sauce until prompted. That screams volumes of confidence regarding the quality of their seafood, although my redneck taste always hankers for soy. I was forced to truly appreciate the flavor of the particular cut of fish and I was wowed!

Options for dessert:

  • Plum Wine Sorbet: $4.5
  • Green tea ice cream $2.5
  • Green tea Mocha ice cream $4.5

Sushi House Hawakaya
Reservation : 770.986.0010
5979 Buford Hwy.
Red & Green Steakhouse Shopping Center A-10
Atlanta, GA 30340

Ratings:  This is my first and possibly only, 555!

Food: 5
Ambiance: 5
Service: 5

Health Rating: 81, which unfortunately I did not look up until after writing this article. To be fair, it wouldn’t have changed my ratings although I would have been more hesitant to try it out.

Until we eat again!