Foodie Frenzy-Week #14-The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant

With all the high-end seafood restaurants in Atlanta, I have long sought after a reasonably priced, casual seafood place that wasn’t Red Lobster. The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant tucked away in a strip center near the old Jim Hearn driving range on Buford Highway was quite a pleasant find. From the moment we opened the door […]

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Purnima Bangladeshi Restaurant

Foody Frenzy-Week 12-Purnima Bangladeshi Cuisine Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like food from Bangladesh! Well, maybe not so much, but it was for The Aha! Connection staff holiday party! In true thoughtful Audra fashion, she wanted to get the group together for some lively holiday cheer. Leigh (who came in from Birmingham), The Aha! unnamed Style […]

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Purnima Banglasdeshi Cuisine

Woo Nam Jeong Korean Stone Bowl House (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #11)

 Foodie Frenzy #11 Woo Nam Jeong Korean Stone Bowl House —The Fun and Fearless Edition! Let me preface this article by saying that my food radar was slightly overshadowed by the lively conversation this week. I knew the food would be impressive, but had no idea what to expect from our guests whom I had […]


Patty Moncrief

The Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #10)

Immediately after leaving Bo Bo Garden and with not much arm-twisting at all, Audra agreed to a visit to the Sweet Hut across the street from Bo Bo Garden. It is recommended on Atlanta Eats. Plus, the swirly pink awnings had caught our attention for several weeks in a row. I had read that they were […]

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Bo Bo Garden (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #8)

Week 8, and we’re still loving every minute of the Frenzy! Several people have asked about how we choose the restaurants we visit. It’s actually something I have become quite passionate about and, well, borderline obsessed! I pour through food blogs, restaurant reviews and especially love reader suggestions. I liken it to when you get […]

Canton House Chinese Dim Sum (Buford Hwy Foodie Frenzy #6!)

Foodie Frenzy – Week 6! Canton House Chinese Dim Sum Flashback 20+ years to recent college graduates, Audra and Patty, who planned an “educational” trip up the California coast with the final destination being San Francisco. On the list of things to-do was find a good dim sum restaurant in famed China Town. Following the advice […]