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hardwood floorClick here to see the hard wood floor refinishing recommendations as of 3/15/13

The Aha! Connection is the best place to obtain recommendations from Dunwoody area neighbors and friends regarding services!  For years I’ve asked for recommendations and with the capabilities of our Aha! Connection website I am able to easily retain the information on-line for everyone to share and refer back to. It’s time for a new list and I need your help!  Please respond to this post via the comment section if you have a good Hardwood Floor Refinisher to recommend. Does everyone rave about your fabulous hardwoods?   Did you have a great experience despite all the dust?  Please include name and contact information (phone, website or email, etc).   I’ll create a new recommendation list based on your responses ASAP! Please share your information so we can all benefit with spectacular hardwood flooring!

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  1. We would highly recommend Chastain Wood Floors. Jerry Hadden, the owner, gave us a very good quote for the job. He and his crew were here everyday for the duration. He gave us extras which the competitor did not offer such as new shoe molding which Jerry himself cut and painted and installed. We found that the job was relatively dust free (95% or better). His crew cleaned the floors, our plantation shutters and the areas in which they worked daily. They were very cautious when moving furniture out and after the job was finished. We liked his work so much that we had him refinish one more room. We would definitely have him back.

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