Hilary Stops Traffic AND Cuts Hair!


Note from Audra:  I get so excited every time I see a message pop in my in-box from Stephanie.   I love reading about these amazing women and I particularly love Stephanie’s writing style.  I hope you enjoy “meeting” Hilary as much as I did!   I also shed a few tears when I saw that one of you delivered Popsicles to the crew.   I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR COMMUNITY!

Submitted by the talented Stephanie Kayhan:

This is Hilary.  She is the girl that you always see in the intersection.  And the reason for this?  “Because I’m the brassy one.”  Hilary says that she likes to take on the challenge of being in the most dangerous place on the route.  She is the one responsible for directing the traffic going and coming down Mt. Vernon. She is the one who tells everyone what to do via walkie-talkie. “There’s no time for me to daydream like the others.” she says. She likes where she is and embraces the job whole-heartedly.  It is very hard though to be out, standing all day in the sun. Hilary was quick to say that it’s okay though, “Because I am the Sunscreen Queen.”  She also told me that she likes structure, a regular pace and every day knowing what is expected of her, without change or surprises.  

Remember I shared with you that the girls consider themselves one, big family?  It’s beginning to make more sense to me now because I see that they are all connected somehow.  Hilary is engaged to Jason, who is Caroline‘s brother.  Hilary and her family and Caroline and her family share a house together.  It all works out for them.  Caroline is queen of the crock-pot and feeds them all and Hilary said that she is the level-headed one in the household; the disciplinarian.  Hilary is mother to 9 month old Richard, who “is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”  She is most proud of her role as mom.  It’s her favorite job in the world and she wouldn’t trade it for anything.  

Hilary is a certified and licensed hairstylist.  She used to work as a stylist and loved doing coloring best.  Her arm is tattooed with the tools of the stylist trade…scissors, hairdryer, etc…She still does it on the side.  In fact, she said that she colored Gigi’s hair just the other day!  Hilary told me that she can get burned out and discouraged with things and knows when it’s time to move on to something new.  She would like to go back to school at some point, but she isn’t sure what she’d like to study.  She is interested in many things, especially business and children-related areas of study, but she said that she isn’t at a place in her life right now to make a firm decision. “I will know what I should do when the time is right.” she says.
Hilary describes herself as outgoing, caring and positive.  She is 2 years sober.  When I asked her who she’d like to be for a day, if she could, she said quickly, “My son.  He is always smiling and happy and I’d love to know what he is thinking.”  She is a native Georgian.  And guess what her favorite drink is?  No surprise then, when she said it is homemade sweet tea.  All day, every day.  Her favorite food is Mexican food.  Fajitas. Apparently, Caroline makes to-die-for fajitas. They don’t eat out often.  They are all very much homebodies and spend time outside, having fun with all the kids swimming, playing and doing crafts.

Hilary really surprised me with her answer when I asked about what she notices while out directing traffic.  She said that not too long ago, she saw a bus on which was written, “Get on the OT bus.”  She was so fascinated by it, when she got home, she looked it up and researched what it was all about.  She told me that she thinks “it is so cool that therapy comes to you.”  She thought it was very nice idea since many people are in need of occupational therapy but may not be able to get it easily.

Hilary wanted the opportunity to thank the wonderful woman who brought Popsicles to the girls recently.  The girls shared them with the entire crew.  It was such a thoughtful gesture and everyone was very appreciative, especially since it is so hot out.  It was such a welcome treat.  So from Hilary, and the all of the workers…a huge THANK YOU!

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