Update on the Traffic Stopping Girls

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from Jennifer Leslie of 11Alive via Facebook:

Great update to a story we did 2 years ago on the female flaggers who were turning heads in #Dunwoody (http://bit.ly/2yXlcO5). You may remember the crew started working with GS Construction as part of a job training program for drug treatment.… Read More »

Let Olivia Stop You in Your Tracks on this Beautiful Fall Day!

Note from Audra:

You’ve seen our traffic girls through the spring and summer. The construction won’t last through winter. Meet Olivia on this beautiful fall day! All the “Traffic Gals” have amazing stories but Olivia’s tugged at my heart the most. Read on and you’ll likely understand why….

By Stephanie Kayhan

Meet Olivia. My conversation with Olivia was one that had me thinking all day about life and the truth of the saying, “Never judge anyone.… Read More »

These girls stop traffic and are about to become The Pink Ladies Traffic Control!

Submitted by Stephanie Kayhan for The Aha! Connection:

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I wanted to share with you all, a wonderful thing that has recently happened for our traffic girls. I spoke with the co-owner of GS Construction today to get details of the new project that the girls are a part of.… Read More »

These girls stop traffic before heading to Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody!

Note from Audra:

A special thanks to the folks at Marlow’s Tavern in Dunwoody.  I reached out to their Marketing Director and mentioned these girls working down the street from their restaurant and she kindly sent me a $25 gift card for each of the traffic gals!

Submitted by Stephanie Kayhan

This morning I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing beautiful smiles on all of the traffic girls’ faces AND seeing them all together!… Read More »

Another traffic stopping gal….Meet Caroline!

Note from Audra:  I love how our community is so interested in these traffic gals.  My son referred to them as my traffic friends yesterday even though I’ve personally never even met them!   I’m so thankful for the lovely Stephanie Kayhan for spreading their good stories with us!

Here’s the latest from Stephanie:

Meet Caroline. She is the bubbliest, most carefree, happy-go-lucky, easy-going girl I’ve talked to in quite some time. … Read More »

Meet Gigi: She stops traffic!

Note from Audra:  Our response to Stephanie’s article about Tiffany was OVERWHELMING!  We think you’ll enjoy meeting Gigi too and plan to introduce you to as many of the traffic gals that want to be interviewed.  Kudos to Stephanie for being such a wonderfully kind and caring person and for walking and chatting with such interesting people in our small town.Read More »

Meet Tiffany – One of the girls who stops traffic on Mt. Vernon every day!

Note from Audra:  My friend Stephanie walks 12 miles per day pushing her toddler all around the streets of Dunwoody.  Stephanie is probably the friendliest person I know and she mentioned to me recently that she has been chatting with the “GIRLS” who stop traffic for the current Mt. Vernon Road construction project.  Several friends joined in the conversation discussing how interesting it is that there are “GIRLS” in this job and how we all see them every day lately and are curious about them and their jobs.  Read More »